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30 Oct 2019    |    12 Jan 2020

Exhibition: The Velvet Revolution 1989

Joining the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in the Czech and Slovak Republic, Czech Center New York will present an exhibition curated by the National Museum of the Czech Republic.

22 Jan 2020

The Drug of Art: Ivan Blatný at 100

Ivan Blatný is known as one of the most prominent Czech poets of the 20th century. This poetry evening will pay homage to his work through bringing together poets, translators and scholars along with the publishers of the first bilingual edition of Blatný’s work, The Drug of Art.

31 Mar 2020

Susanna Roth Translators Award 2020 – Call for Entries

Czech Centres and the Czech Literary Centre, a section of the Moravian Library, announce the 6th year of the International Competition for Young Translators – The Susanna Roth Prize, named after the celebrated Swiss translator Susanna Roth (1950 – 1997) who made a significant contribution to the promotion of contemporary Czech literature abroad.

24 Jan 2020    |    15 Mar 2020

Czech Image

Czech Image, an international exhibition of 71 art posters, reflects on the notion of Czech national identity and related contemporary cultural topics as seen through the eyes of Czech and international art students from 11 countries around the globe.

14 Jan 2020    |    31 Mar 2020

10 Stars

Czech Centre Tel Aviv cordially invites you to the photography exhibition 10 Stars it the "Gallery On The Fence". The exhibition displays restored Jewish monuments in Czech Republic.

1 Nov 2019    |    31 Dec 2019

Touching 1989: Reflections & Recollections

30 years ago, the events of 1989 redrew the political map of Europe, affecting the lives of millions. Looking at those historical moments and their aftermath from today’s perspective – what do we remember and what has changed for us?







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