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The heroine of the week: Olga Havlová

The Czech Centres, in cooperation with Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of the University of Western Bohemia in Pilsen and Radio Prague International, present important women of the Czech history and the present. Every week we bring you one portrait of a heroine. The heroine of this week is dissident and the first wife of President Václav Havel Olga Havlová,

14 Jul 2020    |    31 Aug 2020

The Mysterious Inner World of Josef Bavor

At the time of "convalescence", when Czech society is recovering from a pandemic and cultural life is starting again, we are pleased to bring an interview with an artist that uniquely connects visual art and the world of medicine in his life. Josef Bavor is a painter, anatomical illustrator and curator of exhibitions at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, the medical theme infuses his work on many levels. Josef Bavor's work sensitively examines human being and the broad spectrum of existence. He illustrated more than a hundred of professional medical publications that the medics use to study the human body. In his art practice, he does not leave the word of anatomy despite the fact that he devotes himself to abstraction. His paintings reflect natural forms as if from within, in a unique way that escapes descriptiveness and at the same time suggests a connection between the microcosm of the human psyche and the macrocosm. Josef Bavor talks about the themes of his paintings in an exclusive interview with Marek Milde.

Janáček Online Continued (9 June - 31 August)

As a continuation of our Janáček Online project, the Czech Center New York brings lovers of Leoš Janáček new online content about this renown Czech composer. Take a listen to a Janáček jam session or a piano and cello composition by Czech composer Vítězslava Kaprálová, influenced by Janáček’s oeuvre, or take a virtual guided video tour of Janáček’s house in Brno where he spent the last 18 years of his life and where he composed his most famous works.

16 Sep 2020    |    22 Nov 2020

Krištof Kintera: The End of Fun!

This will be the most comprehensive UK exhibition of work by Czech artist Krištof Kintera (b. 1973, Prague). Internationally acclaimed for his sculptural, often kinetic works imbued with a characteristic energy and imaginative wit, Kintera offers an overview of new, recent, and archival works, shown in the UK for the first time. Filling both gallery floors, whilst also expanding into the public realm, THE END OF FUN! is a timely exhibition probing the apocalyptic environmental issues we currently face, taking on a new poignancy in today’s climate.

15 Jun 2020    |    31 Aug 2020

Interviews: Czech organizations in New York resisting the impact of the pandemic

While the society in many places already reopens after the Corona lockdown, getting back to "normal" life in New York City will take time. The city which never sleeps has been impacted in an extraordinary way by the pandemic bringing its cultural life to a standstill. Many local Czech organizations, which are thriving part of the New York cultural landscape, were also affected and had to reduce or cancel their programs. What is their experience with this exceptional situation and how do they see the future? In this next series of interviews, we spoke with their representatives to find out more. Josef Baláž responded for the organization BBLA, Christopher Harwood for the SVU and Susan Lucak for the DAHA association.

25 Jul 2020    |    31 Aug 2020

The Comeback of Bohemian Life to New York

Slowly but steadily, the New York City restaurant and bar scene is awakening from pandemic lockdown. Restaurants and bars are reopening, and among them are also Czech restaurants, such as Bohemian Spirit and the Bohemian Beer Garden (known as Bohemka). The vibrant city nightlife has been impacted particularly badly by the pandemic since March with the ban of dining on premises, with many places struggling or being forced to close entirely. Fortunately, the summer brings the long-awaited comeback of dining – people are returning and can once again enjoy wining and dining, though currently only outdoors until indoor service can resume. The creativity inherent to New York has led to the development of the new phenomenon of temporary outdoor and curbside dining in a variety of styles and designs, establishing new islands of hospitality within the urban space. We spoke about the reopening and great Czech food and beer with two Czechs who run restaurants in New York, which both have in their name ‘Bohemian’ – a synonym denoting both ‘Czech’ and a relaxed lifestyle. These restaurant owners have taken extraordinary steps to welcome and safely cater to their guests again.







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