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12 Dec 2020    |    24 Jan 2021

Matyáš Chochola: Alchemist

For his latest art project, Matyáš Chochola has become a druid–alchemist who sets out on a journey through space and time to temporarily set up his workshop in London’s Gossamer Fog Gallery and enable visitors to explore his healing potion hidden within an intoxicating perfume. The exhibition shows several atmospheric landscape installations accompanied by videos covering the story of potion making, the importance of potions, the birth of the druid and his pilgrimage. The spatial installation will include glass statues, healing magic formulas in a secret language made up by the artist for this project and the natural elements which are the source of the druid’s wisdom. Curated by Veronika Čechová.

25 Jan 2021

No Night So Dark; One family's story of memory stolen and regained

The extraordinary story of a Central European Jewish family to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2021.

Czech language beginners course - DEADLINE EXTENDED

The heroine of the week: Inka Bernášková

The Czech Centres, in cooperation with Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of the University of Western Bohemia in Pilsen and Radio Prague International, present important women of the Czech history and the present. Every week we bring you one portrait of a heroine. The heroine of this week is Inka Bernášková, journalist and member of the anti-Nazi resistance.







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