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19 May 2020    |    15 Jun 2020

LITERARY CONTEST: A Bohemian State of Mind As the Earth Stands Still

Czech Center New York is announcing an open call for short story/personal essay submissions by undergraduate and graduate students of Czech Studies at U.S. universities, addressing the theme: A Bohemian State of Mind as the Earth Stands Still.

25 May 2020    |    30 Jun 2020

Czech Heroines: Prominent Czech Women Past and Present

An illustrated mosaic of the stories of prominent Czech women – rulers, politicians, artists, scientists, and athletes – who left an important mark on history and the present day in the Czech lands and internationally alike. Prepared by the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art (University of West Bohemia) and the Czech Centers, and inspired by the centennial of the ratification of women’s suffrage in Czechoslovakia in 1920 and the 200th birthday of author Božena Němcová.

27 Apr 2020    |    7 Jun 2020

Czech That Film 2020 Online

We are delighted to invite you to the launch of the Stay Home Edition of the Czech That Film festival, starting on Monday, April 27, 2020. Featuring the best of contemporary Czech film.

Contemporary Czech Animation – Czech Centre’s film focus in 2020. Watch with us on May 29 - June 6!

Czech Centres, in cooperation with selected universities and film festivals, present a special program of animated film collections, which pay tribute to contemporary Czech animation. Animation has always belonged to the family silver of Czech(oslovak) cinematography and it still occupies this position, as evidenced by the international attention and awards which contemporary animated works receive. Let us also remind you that this year we will celebrate 120 years since the birth of Hermína Týrlová, who was at the birth of Czechoslovakian animated film.

8 May 2020    |    31 May 2020

75th anniversary of the end of the World War II in Europe: Sitenský - Lom - Bergmannová

The Czech Centres, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe and the 80th anniversary of the Czechoslovak RAF squadrons, proudly present an exclusive online photo exhibition Wings by Ladislav Sitenský. The exhibition shows an unique set of photographs from the Czechoslovak squadron of the British Royal Air Force during the World War II. Besides of that you have the chance to watch a special interview with Mr. Tomáš Lom, Czechoslovak RAF veteran. Additionally we will introduce to you the book "The Adventures of Mr. Wellington" by Hana Bergmannová Klímová.







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