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Czech Centres, a contributory organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, are the core instrument of public diplomacy of the Czech Republic’s foreign policy, and strive to support the reputation of the Czech Republic in the world. As a cultural institute, Czech Centres are members of the network of European cultural institutes – EUNIC. They present our country in a wide range of cultural and social areas: from art through the creative industries to the achievements of Czech science and innovations. They also provide Czech language courses in foreign countries. They participate in international projects and serve as a platform for the development of international cultural dialogue. At present, there are 25 branches across three continents – in addition to Czech Centres these also include the Czech Houses in Moscow, Jerusalem and Bratislava.


The Czech CentresHeadquarters fulfils a managerial and service role. It methodically runs and monitors the activities of foreign branches, communicates with the founder, and informs partners in the Czech Republic about Czech Centres activities. It maps and creates projects suitable for presentations abroad. Czech Centres Gallery cooperates mainly with foreign institutes for culture based in the CR and presents foreign artists, galleries and institutions. It introduces projects through which the Czech Republic presents itself abroad. It serves as a platform for an international dialogue.

The Czech Centres abroad organise their own activities, provide services and information, arrange contacts between Czech and foreign entities, and support their cooperation. Czech Centres are mainly based in cities, but they also operate in other regions of the respective country. They cooperate with diplomatic and consular offices, especially in the area of public diplomacy. Czech Centres are members of the European Union of National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC).

The Czech House Moscow was brought under Czech Centre management in 2002 and has since been a significant contributor to the financing of the organization’s entire network. It represents the largest base for Czech export activities in the Russian Federation and creates a platform for making top management contacts.

- It provides office facilities with apartments for Czech business representatives, including supplementary services for business meetings (presentations, banquets, business lunches and other business/social and cultural events).

- It provides convivial facilities for family members of Czech business representatives.

- It offers Czech citizens hotel accommodations and catering services.

- It holds ISO 9001 quality management certification.


Strategy of Czech Centres 2012 - 2015



After the founding of the Czech Republic, the centers were transformed into the Czech Centres, resulting in a widening of the network to include countries of western Europe, the USA and Asia.

The spectrum of our organization’s activities also substantially expanded the most recent Czech Centre to open was in 2013 in Seoul.

The network is currently comprised of 25 branches on 3 continents.

Photo: archive CC Paris, New York, Sofia


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