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We are members of the EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) network. In accordance with the approved Foreign Policy Concept of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from which it follows that the Czech Republic emphasizes a multilateral approach and problem solving, our EUNIC network membership brings with it not only economic gains but also political advantages, increasing prestige, gaining valuable expertise, social capital, and easier access to other relevant international organizations.

Czech Centres representatives continue to be involved in formulating the strategy of the entire EUNIC network and flagship project conceptualization. As cluster presidents they formulate their clusters’ strategies, as strategic group members they also act as direction-setters for Europe. Within the clusters they are members of professional teams and participate both strategically and in the preparation of individual projects. Although the clusters vary in scale and reach, in recent years we have had success in actively exploiting the possibilities this platform has to offer.

EUNIC cluster presidents from among the directors of Czech Centres abroad:

Hana Schenková – EUNIC the Netherlands

František Zachoval – EUNIC Romania

Lucie Orbók – EUNIC Hungary

Vilma Anýžová – EUNIC Slovakia

Barbara Karpetová – EUNIC New York

Zuzana Kabelková – EUNIC Stockholm


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