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The Arts

We leverage events in various areas of culture to raise awareness about the creative environment and trends in the Czech Republic. We chart opportunities to advance Czech projects abroad in cooperation with prominent Czech experts, curators, national shows, and competitions. We present selected works abroad. We prepare programmes to accompany Czech events held abroad (lectures, workshops, discussions, etc.).

We initiate cooperation between Czech and foreign entities, mediating contacts with cultural institutions with a view to building long-term partnerships. We help Czech artists and institutions establish cooperation with notable galleries and institutions abroad, organize residential and creative placements, secure participation in international exhibitions and festivals.

We present international shows, fairs, festivals, competitions, creative workshops, etc. organized in the Czech Republic. We promote and publicize shows of Czech artists, groups, works, and projects in international media, on web pages and social networks, in e-newsletters. We extend our programming proposition beyond our locations. We offer our projects to Czech embassies in destinations where we do not yet have our own offices.

For more information, please contact Cultural Diplomacy Department.

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Science, Research, Innovation

We champion the successes of Czech science. We introduce new, innovative projects and draw attention to the potential of Czech research and development. We develop cooperation with universities, colleges, and professional institutions. Our main partners are the Czech Academy of Sciences and its individual institutes, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, and the National Technical Museum. We initiate the coming together of exhibition projects that reveal the past, present, and near future of our science and research.

We cooperate with the British Council in organizing the Czech section of FameLab, the international competition popularizing science. We engage in the scientific programmes of the Czech Academy of Science’s Week of Science and Technology.

Read more about our Science exhibition projects.

For more information, please contact Jan Špunda, Development and Public Affairs Section.

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Teaching Czech and Promoting Czech Studies

We are systematically expanding Czech language tuition abroad. Czech is being taught at 15 Czech Centres abroad (Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Kyiv, London, Milan, Munich, Moscow, New York, Paris, Sofia, Tokyo, Warsaw, Vienna). We provide language courses at CEFR levels A1 – C1. In cooperation with the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies at Charles University (ILPS) we organize an internationally accredited examination in the Czech language at 9 branches abroad.

We are making the Teaching Centres professional. We are creating high-quality methodological support for our tutors with the option of further education in the teaching of Czech as a foreign language in cooperation with the ILPS. We are refining the teaching centres with the participation of experienced professionals, we are working on the development of other teaching tools (regular testing in the classroom, the use of electronic diagnostic tests). We are expanding the teaching of Czech beyond our representative offices abroad (in Ukraine we have taken our teaching beyond Kyiv to Lviv, Kharkiv, and Dnipropetrovsk). 

For more information, please contact Petra Landergott, Development and Public Affairs Section.


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Supporting Trade and Regional Cooperation Abroad

We connect strong domestic export brands with cultural presentations, and showcase the creativity of Czech industry. We seek export opportunities for Czech creative industries. We provide assistance for corporate presentations, educational programmes, and press conferences.

We introduce the regions, towns, and municipalities of the Czech Republic abroad. Together with CzechTourism and Czech embassies we promote regions attractive for tourism.

We operate the Czech House in Moscow, the largest Czech complex abroad, providing hotel, technical, organizational, and information services to Czech companies and institutions that work with Russian partners.

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