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Science exhibition projects

We initiate the coming together of exhibition projects that reveal the past, present, and near future of our science and research.


Otto Wichterle: The Story of the Contact Lens // The riveting story of the creation of the first mass-use contact lens, describing the fate of its creator and the development of the materials and production equipment necessary for serial production. The total number of international presentations in 2016 approached 50.



Czech Science Fights Viruses // An exhibition in the form of a three-metre fullerene depiction, by artist Jáchym Šerých, devoted to scientist Antonín Holý and his discoveries in the development of treatments for AIDS and hepatitis B.

Implementation: Milan, Budapest, Leuven, Prague and Geneva



Bedřich Hrozný: 100 years since deciphering the Hittite language // An exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the exceptional discovery by Czech scientist Bedřich Hrozný: deciphering the Hittite language. A classic educational exhibition, accompanied by a sound installation by Czech artist Pavel Sterec and the screening of a film loop compiled from period newsreels.

NANORMAL WORLD.CZ 2015 // A project that presents the nano-world in two different forms: the natural, present without human intervention, and the ‘manmade’ – created and built by people. An electron microscope offers a glimpse of the nano-world, considering also that the majority of electron microscopes or their component parts come from Brno.

MERKUR // A project presenting the past and present of this phenomenal meccano-style kit and educational aid, which develops technical thinking and gave rise to many a handyman.