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photo: Vojtech Brtnicky

  • Extensive knowledge of the foreign environment and many years of experience working in our locations: Czech Centres effectively use knowledge of the cultural scene, society, media and professional environment wherever they are based. They promote the inclusion of Czech projects into significant events within an international context.
  • Well-known brand: Czech Centres have been respected partners of institutions abroad and are known as a credible, professional, and open organisation.
  • PR knowledge: Czech Centres use local knowledge in public relations. Every year they generate thousands of media responses.
  • Wide spectrum of clients: Czech Centres implement projects combining culture, export brands, and tourism. They have extensive databases with contact information of curators, promoters, commercial organizations, service providers, international institutions and the prospective public in individual locations. Together with diplomatic and consular offices, they are the first point of contact for anyone interested in cooperating with the CR.
  • Prestigious locations: Many Czech Centres are located at prestigious addresses in well-situated premises which they offer to Czech partners as facilities for projects or individual presentations.
  • Flexibility: Czech Centres operate as flexible production centres which cover, through their activities, the area outside their city and country locations. Over 50 % of events are organised outside their premises.
  • Knowledge of bilateral and multilateral cooperation: Czech Centres are initiators and partners of international projects, as well as active members of the European Union National Institutes for Culture EUNIC; they frequently have representation in, and a significant influence on, the controlling bodies of these multilateral associations. In this way, they create opportunities for international cooperation and promotion of Czech entities abroad.