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Photo: archive CC Budapest, Bucharest, Berlin


We keep up the good name of the Czech Republic abroad and present the Czech Republic as a progressive country with a rich cultural tradition. We promote the Czech cultural scene (Arts, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Film, Music, Theatre, Literature) around the world. We champion the achievements of Czech Science, Research, and Innovation. We back the trade interests of the Czech Republic. We present the Czech Republic as an attractive tourist destination and provide high-quality information about Czechia.

We link international cultural presentations with significant Czech export brands and look for export opportunities for the Czech creative industries in support of external economic ties.

We teach the Czech language abroad; we support Czech Studies.

We offer Czech entities opportunities to participate in projects abroad, and obtain and pass on contacts for developing international cooperation.

We address both the general public and professionals in various sectors, as well as students, artists, institutional partners (training institutions, higher education establishments), and the media.


What Do We Offer Our Partners?

Knowledge of the environment, PR, and contacts: We have extensive knowledge of the environment abroad. We mediate contacts with curators, promoters, commercial entities, service providers, international institutions, and audiences in the respective sectors.

An established brand: We are an established partner to institutions abroad, well-respected as a trustworthy, professional, and accessible organization.

Prime locations as well as flexibility: We are based at prestigious addresses, offering our premises as a base for projects or individual presentations. We also have the reach to cover areas beyond our operational venues.

Bilateral and multilateral cooperation: We act as initiators and partners of international projects, which we often prepare jointly with the EUNIC association. We create scope for international cooperation and the promotion of Czech entities abroad.