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The Arts

We welcome various types of cultural events to raise awareness on the creative environment and trends in the Czech Republic. We develop opportunities to advance Czech projects abroad in cooperation with prominent Czech experts, curators, competitors, and national shows. We present selected works abroad. We prepare programs to accompany Czech events held abroad, for instance lectures, workshops, discussions, etc.

We collaborate between Czech and foreign entities, and provide contacts with cultural institutions with a view to build long-term partnerships. We help Czech artists and institutions network with notable galleries and institutions abroad, organize residential and creative placements, and participate in international exhibitions and festivals.

We present international shows, fairs, festivals, competitions, creative workshops, and more, all organized in the Czech Republic. Through e-newsletters, we promote and publicize shows of Czech artists, groups, works, and projects in international media, web pages, and social networks. We extend our programming options beyond our locations by offering our projects to Czech embassies in destinations where our offices are unavailable.

For more information, please contact Cultural Diplomacy Department.

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