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To increase the popularity of Czech science, research, innovation, and perception of the innovative aspect of Czech economy that will compliment the establishment and expansion of international cooperation.

  • We promote the successes of Czech science, present new innovative projects, and draw attention to the potential of Czech research, development and innovation.
  • We initiate presentable projects that reveal the historical, present, and future of our science, research and innovation.
  • We support young scientists and influencers of Czech science, and contribute to their visibility on the international scene.
  • We encourage institutional cooperation between Czech entities and their foreign counterparts.
  • We assist the formation of Czech national pride in the science, research and innovation field. 

  • Information and communication technologies
  • Advanced industrial technologies
  • Means of transport for the 21st century
  • Health care and advanced medicine. 



Czech Innovation Expo - a project using the newest technology presents the contribution of an indigenous nation in the midst of Europe to scientific and technological progress in the world in the hundredth retrospective. At the same time, it reveals the potential for future development. The exhibition is characterized by a high degree of interactivity supported by expanded and virtual reality technologies. The travelling exhibition is built on three basic pillars: the lineage of Czech scientists, innovators, industrialists, and brands; the multi-layer innovation map of the Czech Republic and the presentation of innovative products and services.

Czech Innovation Festival
- a platform for developing contacts and sharing experiences. The aims are to present top results of the work of Czech developers and contribute to building a positive image of the Czech Republic in the sense of an innovative economy. The festival is always focused on one particular area, where one more current topic is presented. We have been focusing on ICT in the long run, focusing on Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.


We will strengthen international cooperation in the field of economic and cultural development. Our partners are renowned states, private organizations, and individuals. We offer cooperation to entities sharing similar values and goals across the Czech Centers network.

Czech Centres, Václavské nám. 49, 110 00 Praha 1, tel.: +420 234 668 211, ciexpo@czech.cz, www.czechcentres.cz




Past science exhibition projects:

Otto Wichterle: The Story of the Contact Lens // The riveting story of the creation of the first mass-use contact lens, describing the fate of its creator and the development of the materials and production equipment necessary for serial production. The total number of international presentations in 2016 approached 50.



Czech Science Fights Viruses // An exhibition in the form of a three-metre fullerene depiction, by artist Jáchym Šerých, devoted to scientist Antonín Holý and his discoveries in the development of treatments for AIDS and hepatitis B.

Implementation: Milan, Budapest, Leuven, Prague and Geneva



Bedřich Hrozný: 100 years since deciphering the Hittite language // An exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the exceptional discovery by Czech scientist Bedřich Hrozný: deciphering the Hittite language. A classic educational exhibition, accompanied by a sound installation by Czech artist Pavel Sterec and the screening of a film loop compiled from period newsreels.

NANORMAL WORLD.CZ 2015 // A project that presents the nano-world in two different forms: the natural, present without human intervention, and the ‘manmade’ – created and built by people. An electron microscope offers a glimpse of the nano-world, considering also that the majority of electron microscopes or their component parts come from Brno.

MERKUR // A project presenting the past and present of this phenomenal meccano-style kit and educational aid, which develops technical thinking and gave rise to many a handyman.