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Curatorial and Press Trips to the Czech Republic 

Through our support of curatorial trips, we seek to integrate the Czech contemporary art scene into global affairs. The response of foreign media helps us spread awareness of our country and culture.

We invite journalists from around the world to important domestic shows, so that they can get to know the Czech cultural scene directly in the Czech Republic.

We cooperate in organising trips with domestic and foreign institutions, galleries, festivals, showcases with various artists, critics and theorists.

Overview of curatorial and journalistic journeys


Czech Centres awards and residencies

Supporting talented, young Czech creators across all cultural fields is one of our main priorities. The winners of competitions – young artists and scientists – have the opportunity to stay at one branch or another of the broad network of Czech Centres during a residency conceived as an internship. 

Holders of the Czech Centres awards related to residency in 2016:
Markéta Baňková: Czech Book Awards
Jan Brož, Michal Landa: International Biennial of Graphic Design
Pavel Coufalík: Czech National Award for Student Design
Markéta Držmíšková, Petr Hák: Czech Grand Design / Newcomer of the Year
Tereza Hrušková: Věra Jirousová Award / Young Critic category
Pavla Hudcová: People in Need / Gratias Tibi
Anna Hulačová: Jindřich Chalupecký Award
Marek Kozák: Best Prague Spring Participant Award
Martin Lukáč: Prize of Art Critique for Young Painting
Julie Nováková: Czech Centre Prize for Development of International Scientific Cooperation
Jaro Ondruš: Czech Dance Platform
Tereza Šváchová: Showcase of Czech Chamber of Architects diploma theses

Overview of competitions supported by Czech Centers


Czech Grand Design © Herminapress    

   Národní cena za design © Tomáš Bican

Last Fata Morgana at International Fashion Showcase 2016