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Kurátorské cesty 2017

Curatorial and Press Trips

Through our support of curatorial trips, we seek to integrate the Czech contemporary art scene in global affairs. The response by foreign media helps us spread awareness of our country and culture.


Curatorial and Press Trips to the Czech Republic

43 curatorial trips
14 press trips
17 countries

Through our support of curatorial trips, we seek to integrate the Czech contemporary art scene into global affairs. The response of foreign media helps us spread awareness of our country and culture.

We invite journalists from around the world to important domestic shows, so that they can get to know the Czech cultural scene directly in the Czech Republic.

We cooperate in organising trips with domestic and foreign institutions, galleries, festivals, showcases with various artists, critics and theorists.

We supported press and curatorial trips for these domains and undertakings:


ReSite / 18–19/6/2016:
Henry Foy /PL/ – journalist, correspondent for Central Europe, Financial Times - Warsaw
Artur Cielinski /PL/ – journalist, ResPublika Warsaw
Franceska Rusu /RUM/ – reporter, Radio Romania Cultural Bucharest
Carlota Rebolo /UK/ – journalist, Monocle – The Urbanist show (Monocle Radio)

Design / Fashion

Stanislav Libenský Award / 14/9–20/9/2016:
Erika Tada /JAP/ – glassmaker and juror

Designblok / 22–27/10/2016:
Maria Stratsani /GR/– director of Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Ioannina
Nikolaos Tsaousis /GR/ – opera singer and artistic manager
Ourania Georgiou /GR/ – music and event promoter in Volos
Aristea Fragkaki /GR/ – event culture manager, Crete
Tulga Beyerle /DE/ – director of Kunstgewerbemuseum, Dresden
Francois Leblanc /FR/ – gallerist, S. Bensimon Paris
Piero Gandini /IT/ – director of Flos company
Gilles Massé /IT/– project manager, Wallpaper Store
Rossana Orlandi /IT/ – gallerist, Spazio Rossana Orlandi
Lina Kanafani /UK/ – curator and gallerist, MINT shop
Agnieszka Jacobson /PL/ – art director at School of Form Poznan
Jane Withers /UK/ – design strategy consultant
Juliet Kinchin /US/ – curator, MoMA

Fashion jury:
Natasha Binar /DE/ – fashion theorist, Munich
Esther Sternkopf /PL/ – creative director, ELLE
Noémie Schwaller /UK/ – editor-in-chief, DASH Magazine

Křehký Mikulov / 26–29/5/2016:
Isaac Daphna /NL/ – designer, Křehký Mikulov
Manders Laurens /NL/ – designer, Křehký Mikulov


One World / 7–16/3/2016:
José Miguel Beltrán /ES/ – director of San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival
Daisuke Imajo /JAP/ – director of Refugee Film Festival Tokio

Finále Plzeň / 15–21/6/2016:
Peter Gašparík /SK/ – journalist of the cultural section, Deník N

IFF Karlovy Vary / 1–9/7/2016:
Ben Nicholson /UK/ – journalist and film critic, Cine-Vue
Amber Wilkinson /UK/ – journalist and film critic, Eye for Film

International Documentary Film Festival / 25–31/10/2016:
Andreas Ungerbock /A/ – journalist, Ray Film Magazine
Kirsten Kieninger /DE/ – journalist, Film Zeit
Asier Aranzubia Cob/ES/ – journalist, Caiman - Cuadernos de cine
Atilla Benke /HU/ – journalist, Prae.hu
Urszula Lipinska /PL/ – journalist, Gazeta Wyborcza


CrossRoads Colours of Ostrava / 14–17/7/2016:
Thomas Heher /A/ – director of the Waves Vienna Music Festival
Michael Ternai /A/ – representative of the Austrian Music Export Wien


AFO Olomouc / 19–24/4/2016:
Johan van de Woestijne /NL/ – curator, director of IF InScience Rotterdam

Visual Arts

Jindřich Chalupecký Award / 20–23/11/2016:
Gunnar Kvaran /NOR/ – director of The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo


Fotograf Festival / 2–9/10/2016:
Malcolm Dickson /UK/ – curator

Exhibition for the 120th anniversary of Josef Sudek AV ČR / 1–2/12/2016:
Constanza Caraffa /IT/ – curator
Helene Pinet /FR/ – curator
Geraldine Johnson /UK/ – curator, 30/11. – 3/12

Dance / Theatre

Malá Inventura / 22–29/2/2016:
Tillman Broszat /D/ – art director of Spielart Theatre Festival
Asen Terziev /BG/ – theatre critic, theatrologist and chief coordinator of MF Varna Summer
Natália Kovacs /HU/ – editor of magazines Színház and Élet és irodalom
József Balogh /HU/ – founder and director of the Theatre Szeged (Contemporary Theatre Festival)
Jonathan Secor /USA/ – independent promoter, booker and producer in New York

Czech Dance Platform, Aerowaves Spring Forward / 19–26/4/2016:
Assen Assenov /BG/ – director of the dance festival in Plovdiv, One Dance Week
Daniele del Pozzo /I/ – art director of Gender Bender Festival
Katherine Vasiliadis /IL/director of Macho Shal Dance Center in Jerusalem
Katarzyna Bester /PL/ – curator of the KRoki contemporary dance festival in Krakow
Morag Deyes /UK/ – director of Dance Base, Scottish National Dance Center in Edinburgh
Craig Peterson /USA/ – program Director at Gibney Dance Center NY


Cathie Boyd /UK/ – curator – Czech Audiovisual Scene, 3–4/11/2016
Robert Leckie /UK/ – curator – Tranzit Gallery Prague, 4–8/11/2016
Vincent Honore /UK/ – curator – Tranzit Gallery Prague, 4–8/11/2016
Juan Carlos Blanco García /E/ – curator, writer, dramatist and theatre director –Václav Havel Library 14–27/4/2016


Curatorial and Press Trips 2016

Curatorial and Press Trips 2016


One World / 7. - 16. 3. 2016

Daisuke Imajo (© One World archive )


Malá Inventura / 22. - 29. 2. 2016

Jonathan Secor (©  Malá inventura archive)

Press Conference of the Festival Malá Inventura (© Malá inventura archive)


Czech Dance Platform, Aerowaves Spring Forward / 19. - 26. 4. 2016

Katherine Vasiliadis (© Vojtěch Brtnický)

Jaro Ondruš (© Vojtěch Brtnický)

Craig Peterson - Master Class (© ČC archive)

Opening of the Czech Dance Platform (© Vojtěch Brtnický)