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Curatorial and Press Trips

The Czech Centers organize meetings of foreign experts with the leading personalities of the Czech cultural scene through all areas of art, especially in the areas of fine arts, design, film, theater, literature and music.

The program strategy of the Czech Centers includes, besides a number of other activities, the mediation of contacts and connecting of foreign experts, curators with the Czech artistic scene.

One of the tools for the successful fulfillment of these goals is to invite them and arrange the journey of these personalities to the Czech Republic. In this respect, the Czech Centers work closely with renowned domestic entities and institutions (eg galleries, festivals, shows). An integral part of the link is communication with selected artists, critics and theoreticians.

Main objectives:

  • organization of research and residential stays for foreign curators in the Czech Republic
  • mediation of contacts and information; interconnection of spectra of opinion
  • promoting international mobility and exchange of views in the field of contemporary art
  • linking local art scenes and spreading awareness of the Czech artistic environment and its representatives abroad


Curatorial and Press trips in 2019


70 curatorial trips
22 press trips

Through our support of curatorial trips, we seek to integrate the Czech contemporary art scene into global affairs. The response of foreign media helps us spread awareness of our country and culture.

We invite journalists from around the world to important domestic shows, so that they can get to know the Czech cultural scene directly in the Czech Republic.

We cooperate in organising trips with domestic and foreign institutions, galleries, festivals, showcases with various artists, critics and theorists. 

We supported press and curatorial trips for these domains and undertakings:
Book World Prague 
CrossRoads Colours of Ostrava 
Czech Dance Platform 
Fotograf Festival
Janacek Brno 
Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 
Lunchmeat festival
Mala inventura
Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week 
NODO-New Opera Days Ostrava
Nouvelle Prague
One world
Prague Spring Festival
Zlín film festival






















Curatorial and Press Trips 


Federica Fragapan, MOUVO (© foto MOUVO) 


spanish curators in DOX (© foto ČC Jana Polívková)


Ian Anderson, MOUVO (© foto MOUVO)