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Curatorial and Press Trips

The Czech Centers organize meetings of foreign experts with the leading personalities of the Czech cultural scene through all areas of art, especially in the areas of fine arts, design, film, theater, literature and music.

The program strategy of the Czech Centers includes, besides a number of other activities, the mediation of contacts and connecting of foreign experts, curators with the Czech artistic scene. One of the tools for the successful fulfillment of these goals is to invite them and arrange the journey of these personalities to the Czech Republic. In this respect, the Czech Centers work closely with renowned domestic entities and institutions (eg galleries, festivals, shows). An integral part of the link is communication with selected artists, critics and theoreticians.

Main objectives:

  • organization of research and residential stays for foreign curators in the Czech Republic
  • mediation of contacts and information; interconnection of spectra of opinion
  • promoting international mobility and exchange of views in the field of contemporary art
  • linking local art scenes and spreading awareness of the Czech artistic environment and its representatives abroad


Curatorial and Press trips in 2017

46 curatorial trips
15 press trips

Through our support of curatorial trips, we seek to integrate the Czech contemporary art scene into global affairs. The response of foreign media helps us spread awareness of our country and culture.

We invite journalists from around the world to important domestic shows, so that they can get to know the Czech cultural scene directly in the Czech Republic.

We cooperate in organising trips with domestic and foreign institutions, galleries, festivals, showcases with various artists, critics and theorists.

We supported press and curatorial trips for these domains and undertakings:


 reSITE / 22.-23. 6. 2017:
► Frederike Meyer /DE/, editor-in-chief of magazine Baunetz

Design / Fashion

Stanislav Libenský Award / 22.9.-20.11.2017:
Karen Lamonte /US/, artist, member of the jury

Designblok / 26.-28.10.2017:
 Ewa Golebiowska /PL/ director of Zamek Cieszyn
 Roberto Vidal /ES/ director of Institut IE
 Floriana Petrosino /ES/ head of cultural projects, Institut IED
 Joana Stefanová /BG/ director of One Design Week
► Juliet Kinchin /US/ curator, MoMa in NYC
► Francois Leblanc /FR/ gallerist, Sant Bensimon in Paris
► Agnieszka Jacobson /PL/ curator and art director, School of Form Poznań
► Bettina Güldner /DE/  Vermittlungsstelle_b/konzeptraum für kunst und design
► Wolfgand Binder /DE/ Vermittlungsstelle_b/konzeptraum für kunst und design

Fashion jury:
► Natasha Binar /DE/ – fashion theorist, Munich
 Agnieszka Lisowska /ES/ La Fabrica company, organiser of Madrid Design Festival
► Nadia Beard /UK/ journalist, Calvert Journal

MOUVU Festival / 23. - 24. 3. 2017:
► Claudia Klat /UK/ – Design Director in Spin studio
► Jonathan Nielsen /UK/– motion graphic designer (Spin)
► Oscar Arce /US/ - director of Louis Bunuel Institute, curator and coworker of Pablo Ferra
► Simon Holmedal /UK/ - technical Director a motion designer

Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week / 1. - 8. 9. 2017:
► Guillaume Roujas /FR/ journalist
► Elena Bara /IT/ journalist
► Nana Suzuki /JP/ sales agency


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival / 30. 6. - 8. 7. 2017: 

► Tanasescu Alexandru /RU/ journalist, PRO TV
► Dulgheriu Dalilu /RU/ journalist, PRO TV
► Anna Jankowska /PL/ journalist, TVP Kultura
► Ireneusz Kocon /PL/ journalist, TVP Kultura

International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava / 24. - 29. 10. 2017:
► Nick Holdsworth /UK/ journalist, Hollywood Reporter
► Tiffany Pritchard /UK/ journalist, Screen International
► Géza Csákvári /HU/ journalist, Népszava
► Whitney Mallett /US/ journalist, Filmmaker Magazine
► Maria Palacios Cruz /UK/ deputy director of film agency Lux London
► Nico Marzano /UK/ film program director at Institute of Contemporary Arts
► Rebecca Shatwell /UK/ curator and director of AV Festival
► Julianne Rooney /UK/ director of Front Line Club Charitable Trust 

PAF Olomouc / 6. - 9. 12. 2017:
► Monica Masucci /IT/ director of Bergamo Film Meeting
► Laikin Chang /BE/ RITCS film academy



CrossRoads Colours of Ostrava / 16. - 17. 7. 2017:

► Alexander Walter /DE/ music editor
► Cristina Estrada Veddaguer /ES/ music producer
► Gabriele Gefäller /DE/ Mannheim orchestra for the lecture cycle dedicated to J.V. Stamic

Lunchmeat / 19. - 21. 10. 2017
► Yaroslav Kachmarskyi /UKR/ director of Hamselyt festival


Fine Arts

► Inga Zimprich /DE/ curator of Berlin Haben initiative - attendance at a workshop of Pavel Starec, head of FaVU VUT 20. - 24. 3. 2017
► Darija Pyrkina /RU/ deputy director, National centre for contemporary art Moscow / 6. - 9. 6. 2017
► Natalija Gončarova /RU/ head of exhibition projects department, National centre for contemporary art Moscow / 6. - 9. 6. 2017
► Lesley Taker /UK/ fine arts curator, FACT Liverpool / 7. - 10. 9. 2017
► Rosalia Doubal /UK/ fine arts curator, ICA London / 27. - 30. 9. 2017
► Juliette Desorgues /UK/ fine arts curator, ICA London / 27. - 30. 9. 2017
► Ellen Freed, Keira Fox /UK/ - performance on th topic of artwork of Ester Krumbachová
► Kari Conte /US/ International Studio and Curatorial Program, NY – meeting with Czech alumni of the residential programme / 27. 11. - 1. 12. 2017

Jindřich Chalupecký Award / 26. 11. 2017:
► Elien Haentjes /BE/ journalist



Tabook / 28. - 30. 9. 2017: 
► Csilla Sándor, Ildikó Wittmann /HU/ Csodaceruza children's magazine


Performing Arts

Malá inventura / 22. 2. - 1. 3. 2017:

► Yoav Michaeli /ISR/ International Fringe Festival
► Itzik Giuli /ISR/ Israel Festival
► Dagmara Gumkowska /PL/ Bytom Centre of Culture
► Nikson Pitaqaj /FR/  art director at Libre d'Esprit / Festival d'Avignon OFF

Bazaar / 17. - 19. 3. 2017:
► Carmen Cotofana /RU/ theatre director
► Joanna Lesnierowski /PL/ theatre critic and playwright

Czech Dance Platform / 20. - 25. 4. 2017:
► Elianna Lilova /BG/ director of One Dance Week festival
► Miguel Oyarzun/UK/ director of BE festival in Birmingham
► Matthew Austin /UK/ art director of MAYK Bristol festival
► Giuliana Majo /UK/
► Shira Vitaly /ISR/ dramaturg, Israel Festival



Kurátorské cesty 2017 - foto

Curatorial and Press Trips 2017


Inga Zimprich seminar, curator of Haben Initiative Berlin and FaVU VUT (© archive FaVU VUT)


Meeting of director of International Studio and Curatorial Programme Kari Conte with absolvents of the programme (© Kristina Prunerová)


Journalist Ellien Haentjes from Belgium at the commmented tour of a exhibition at Jindřich Chalupecký Award (© Kristina Prunerová)


Rinat Moskona, Itzik Giuli, Sigal Cohen  a Bar-El Gibson, Israeli guests at Malá inventura festival (© archiv Malá inventura)