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Czech Centres have been members of EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) since 2006, i.e. since its establishment. EUNIC is a network of national cultural institutes, with 36 members from all 28 EU member states and offices in over 150 countries. EUNIC members work in the arts, languages, youth, education, science, society, intercultural dialogue and development. At a local level, EUNIC members are associated in over 100 clusters - in cities, regions, and countries - to collaborate in common projects and programmes and to promote the role of culture in the EU’s internal and external relations.

Membership of the EUNIC network enhances the prestige of the Czech Republic in international projects, by gaining and exchanging professional information and experience, and by having the possibility of using funds in this network.

Representatives of Czech Centres are involved in formulating the strategy of the entire EUNIC network, and developing concepts for flagship projects. As Presidents, they form the strategies of their clusters and, as members of strategic groups, participate in the development of and collaboration in international projects in the field of public diplomacy. Although the clusters vary in size and reach, in recent years we have had success in actively exploiting the possibilities which this platform has to offer.

Clusters of Czech Centres

This year, Czech Centres are participating in the coordination of many clusters on three continents. The Directors of Czech Centres in Stockholm, Madrid, Budapest, Warsaw and Seoul hold the positions of Cluster Presidents in their territories, while several other Directors of Czech Centres actively perform the duties of Vice-Presidents.

Cluster projects around the world

The most successful and most widespread project is Literature Nights. This project is organised by Czech Centres in cooperation with the EUNIC cluster Prague, foreign embassies in the Czech Republic and the Labyrint publishing house. Every year, Literature Nights are held on the eve of the largest book fair in the country - Book World Prague.

The Literature Nights project has been organised by Czech Centres since 2006. Six years ago, the Czech Association of Librarians joined the project, and this year Literature Nights took place in more than 50 cities across the Czech Republic. Moreover, people in more than 30 foreign cities had the opportunity to participate in the event.

Another important project initiated by Czech Centres within EUNIC Berlin was Babylon Europa, which was held in Berlin as part of the Week of Europe. The combined evening, held in the prestigious Berlin Tipi am Kanzleramt theatre, consisted of dance, music and other artistic performances by a total of 18 European countries. The Czech Republic was represented by an ensemble of the new circus, called Cirk La Putyka.

In 2018, EUNIC Hungary became a strategic partner of the most important design exhibition in Hungary. The “Design without Borders” exhibition presents the work of designers from 10 countries. This year, a total of 147 designers participated from 10 countries. The Czech Republic is usually represented by 5 - 6 designers. This year, works presented were by Helena Dařbujánová, Filip Mirbauer, Lucie Koldová and René Šulc. Special attention was paid to the Jewellery Studio of Pilsen University and student works created under the leadership of Petr Vogel.

EUNIC Korea and the Seoul Museum of History opened the 4th EUNIC Film Festival in December 2018. Last year, the Festival commemorated the 50th anniversary of the tumultuous year of 1968 under the title of “1968: A Year of Change”. The Festival introduced a total of 9 films from 8 European countries.

Activities of Czech Centres in the Czech Republic

The Directors in the territories, as well as the Headquarters of the Czech Centres are active within the EUNIC network. In Prague, we are a member of a local cluster and also a local Focal Point, i.e. a representative of member organisations appointed for close collaboration in EUNIC matters. As a local Focal Point, we are authorised to issue mandates to EUNIC Full Members for Embassies in locations where Czech Centres are not located, so that the Czech Republic can participate in other projects of individual EUNIC clusters around the world.

We can also initiate and co-organise training workshops for EUNIC members. Most recently, a Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of the Impact of Cultural Relations was held in Prague in May 2019 and was organised together with the EUNIC Global office in Brussels.

This two-day workshop was attended by 17 EUNIC members from Germany, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Great Britain, Italy and the EUNIC Global office in Brussels.

Watch the video from the workshop here.

Projects in collaboration with EUNIC and the Czech Centres Network

European Literature Nights


Music Festival on board E –POP

Open-air Festival: Culture? Naturally! to mark Europe Day

Design Without Borders

European Literature Nights in Budapest


Exhibition “1989. Bucharest – Prague – Warsaw” organised on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the end of communism in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania

Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design with Archwerk Studio this year

Libros Mutantes Festival with participation of Czech graphic studio, Bros in trikos


Stockholm Pride Parade 2019


Poems in the City

Warsaw Book Fair

And many others…



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