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Education in Cultural Diplomacy


                      Webinars are a regular part of the educational package offered by the EUNIC Global office in Brussels to EUNIC members. The themes of the webinars are various – from the functioning of EUNIC and its relationship to the EU through to European programmes to support culture, and sharing experience and best practice among individual EUNIC members. 

                    ►Job Shadowing

                      Job Shadowing is another educational initiative supported by EUNIC. It's a several-day internship for employees of cultural institutions, who have the chance to work in one of the other EUNIC member organisations. Job Shadowing was introduced successfully in 2019 and continues this year.


Cultural Diplomacy projects

                    ►Cluster Fund projects

                        A Cluster Fund is a financial fund contributed to by individual EUNIC members, which finances collaborative projects of individual clusters every year. In the year 2020, for example, the following projects are being supported:

- Ideas Yard in Prague
- IF – Social Design for Sustainable Cities, in Warsaw
- Cinemascop – More than a Film Festival, in Bucharest
- REX animated film festival, in Stockholm

All the above projects are run in conjunction with local branches of Czech Centers.

                      ►European Houses of Culture

                          European Houses of Culture is an EU-financed project run by EUNIC. The EUNIC Global office manages and carries out the main events of the project, from mapping and preparing invtations to evaluating the project and providing a report to the European Commission.

More on the project here.

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