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4 Oct 2011 - 29 Oct 2011


Exhibition of Japanese artists Yusuke Nakamura, Ayako Takagi and accompanied by paintings by Jiří Votruba. Part of Designblok.

Blending Eastern and Western Thought - Blending Design and Fine Arts - Blending Present and Past

The name of the exhibition, Things will never be the same, and its subtitle Back and Around, refer to artists who work with a variety of historically and geographically fixed visual devices, mixing them and creating new, layered artworks,  reflecting our globalized experience; for art has never been an entirely closed entity. For example, we may consider the mutual influences shared by Asian and European cultures throughout past centuries. Another interesting factor is the blending and mixing of visual devices of high art, consumer design and architecture. The exhibition therefore aims to showcase these tendencies through the work of three artists, showing certain uniformity in contemporary visual culture, while still respecting the specifics of the artists’ own environments.

The aim of the exhibition is to work with various visual devices, from the classical form of the image as seen from a Western and Eastern perspective, via spatial objects up to design and architectural devices, in order to draw the attention of the present-day European and Japanese viewer by presenting an integrated exhibition that engages them with its visual and factual interaction. Jiří Votruba will represent the Czech Republic with a series of portraits from the Global Portrait cycle, and also intends to present works including elements of design and architecture at the exhibition.

 Ayako Takagi, UAMOUYusuke Nakamura, KočkaYusuke Nakamura, OrelJiří Votruba, Ayako TakagiJiří Votruba, Laura Votrubová 





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One female artist, Ayako Takagi, and one male artist, Yusuke Nakamura, were selected to represent Japan. In his works, Yusuke Nakamura refers back to the poetry of traditional Japanese woodcarving and Eastern Asian painting, moving them to the level of contemporary and pop-art, while remaining recognizably Japanese.

The works of Ayako Takagi are based on comics, combined with figures, animation and graffiti. She likes working with spatial objects. Both Japanese artists and Jiří Votruba present a mutually complementary visual play between traditional media and a comics/pop-art approach. Japanese art is influenced by Western, mainly American, art; Jiří Votruba, too, is happy to embrace American and Eastern Asian influences. Yet all remain anchored in their native culture.

Jiří Votruba is also planning to create portraits of the two Japanese artists for the exhibition.

The exhibition is a unique opportunity to present top contemporary Japanese and Czech art as a trialogue, showcase the blending of two geographically distant cultures and be a pleasing contribution to traditionally excellent Czech-Japanese relationships.

Curator: Martin Dostál      

The exhibition was prepared in cooperation with the Czech Centre Tokyo, where it will be presented early next year. 





From: 4 Oct 2011
To: 29 Oct 2011


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