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3 Apr 2018 11:00 - 20 Apr 2018 18:00


The purpose of the Art Prize CBM exhibition is to support and show contemporary art focused on young generation at the Gallery of the Czech Centres from 3rd April to 20th April 2018.

The exhibition comprises of pieces of work of European artists as well as an Israeli artist. The Czech Republic is represented by Břetislav Malý. ART PRIZE CBM was established in 2010 in commemoration of Piedmontese artist Carlo Bonatto Minelli (1855-1878).

Competitive biennial took  already place for the 4th time and gives opportunity for painters, sculptors, photographers and artists who work with video art or performance. The competition is organized by AreaCreative 42, the cultural institution in Turin, Italy.


In 2017/2018 competitive season exhibitions will be held in Turin, Milan, London, Madird and Prague. Selected pieces of work will be put on display  at the Gallery of the Czech Centres from 3rd April to 20th April.



 Winners and finalists were announced in November 2017 during one of the most famous international art trade fairs in Italy, Artissima Turin. Artwork presentation followed in the United Kingdom at London Art Fair. Recently the exhibition moved from London to Prague. The next stop in spring will be Madrid.

The main partner of CBM is the Czech Centre Milan which participates in event preparations.

According to the director of AreaCreativa 42, Karin Reisová is: ,,Enabling artwork confrontation in international context one of the crucial moments for any field of art. The Czech Centre in Milan takes part in creating projects and cooperation with local Italian partners. Thanks to this effort Czech artists have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and events of local as well as international nature. Develop their talent and gain valuable experience from abroad.“

Selected Artists:

Michal Cygan (Poland)

Enrico Tealdi (Italy)

Nelli Giulia (Italy)

Břetislav Malý (Czech Republic)

Giacomo Menconi (Italy)

Justyna Adamczyk (Poland)

Sara Hupas (Poland)

Sarah Carter-Jenkins (Australia)

Alex Ortiga (Italy)

Niklaus Manuel Gudel (Switzerland)

Paul de Flers (France)

Lyuben Petrov (Bulgaria)

George Little (Denmark)

Robyn Day (USA)

Giulio Calamandrei (Italy)


Exhibition Curators:

Karin Reis, director of Italian association AreaCreativa 42

Petr Hájek, director of the Chemistry Gallery


The exhibition will be open from 3rd April to 20th April 2018.



The exhibition will be open from 3rd April to 20th April 2018.

Monday-Friday 11-18, Saturday 11-17

Within supporting program to the exhibition. there is a discussion scheduled with a Czech artist Břetislav Malý. He has been awarded a series of prizes and taken part in many exhibitions. However, last year he became a finalist of CBM for the first time.


The award was named after famous Piedmontese artist Carlo Bonatto Minella (1855-1878) and virtuous pupil at Albertina Academy in Turin, who died very young leaving his talented artistic career incomplete.

Each edition of the Prize is given a different theme taking inspiration from a work ofCarlo Bonatto Minella. This year’s jury, comprised of Karin Reisová, president of AreaCreativa 42, art historian Antonio D’Amico, London Art fair director Sarah Monk, Galeria Blanca Solo director in Madrid Blanca Solo, Italian art magazine Exhibart director Frederico Pazzagli, Accademia LABA curator Alberto Mattia Martini, Gallery NoD director Pavel Kubesa, chose a rather difficult topic "Forms and Matter of the Wait" 



Galerie Českých center, Rytířská 31, Praha 1


From: 3 Apr 2018 11:00
To: 20 Apr 2018 18:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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