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19 Jan 2011 - 26 Feb 2011


You are invited to an exhibition of sculptures by Ludmila Seefried–Matějková and photographs by Zuzana Richter called BEWTEEN TWO WORLDS. Open January 19 - February 26, 2011.

BETWEEN TWO WOLDS was born in a workshop of Pro arte vivendi, an international art society founded in Berlin in 1997 by German and Czech artists and art enthusiasts. Their mission is to demonstrate and employ the power of art as a mean of communication and to enable the coalescence of European nations. Pro arte Vivendi strives to facilitate the exchange and dynamic communication across art and culture. The founding member of pro arte vivendi was a sculptress Ludmila Seefried-Matějková. A photographer Zuzana Richter became an active member of the society in 2003.

Two artists, two moving life stories and two completely different individual artistic expressions. Yet, their styles complement each other, finding a common artistic critical-realistic direction. And there are some parallel stories to be found in their private lives as well. Both artists were born in Czechoslovakia, both struggled against the difficulties of the socialist system. Their unconventional family situations and refusal to become a part of the socialist society prevented them from doing their artistic work. As a result they both exiled their native country. Their struggle to unite their families ended two years prior to the Velvet Revolution, when they moved to Germany. There, both women experienced the troubles associated with making a new start…

At the first sight, the sculptures created by Ludmila Seefried-Matějková seem as real figures, as casts of real people.  However, when we measure their arms and legs, we will realize the self-discipline and determination of the artist. The less they have in common with real human arms and legs the more they charm us. They attract our attention by their realistic presence. The sculptures represent a world, which is deliberately and in its best sense magical, despite having nothing in common with fairytales. Quite on the contrary, this world is full of real love and genuine spiritual values. It is full of compassion and social engagement. The metropolis of Berlin is a place, where, for almost forty years, the artist has lived and observed the people around her with the brilliance and empathy so typical for her. However, she has never perceived this world as a mere reportage. Her world is much more universal and timeless than any real world could ever be.

Zuzana Richter builds on the dynamic form of sculptures by Ludmila Seefried-Matějková. Yet, in no way is her work her follow-up illustration. In fact, she does not really take photographs of the sculptures. Her camera focuses through them to transcendence beyond. It travels to new real places with them and re-creates them into new works of art, giving them new forms without haptically touching them, as a sculptor would. Thus, she gives a new and innovative meaning to her art, her photography. The photographs by Zuzana Richter create and tell new original stories. However, not only the sculptures undergo a transformation during this process. The real places do too. The artistic world of the photographer is related to the original world of the sculptress, yet it is a completely different one.

We are witnessing an artistic encounter of two women, which mediate us an exciting insight into the real substance of art.


The exhibition is part of the ARK OF AID project. ARK OF AID is a two-month program devoted to the social relations and voluntary work. Czech Centre Prague is happy to join the initiative of the European Commission that chose the 2011 to be the European Year of Volunteering.

Exhibition partners: Czech-German Fund of Future (Česko-německý fond budoucnosti), Czech Centre Berlin Deutsch -Tschechische und - Slowakische Gesellschaft

Auspices: Oldřich Lomecký, Mayor of Prague 1, German Embassy, Prague Goethe- Institute, Representation of European Commission in the Czech Republic

Media partners: Sanquis, Generace



From: 19 Jan 2011
To: 26 Feb 2011


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