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8 Sep 2010 - 2 Oct 2010


Overview of the Czech participation at EXPO 2010 Shanghai.

EXPO 2010 in Shanghai is the biggest General World Fair of all times  – 192 countries and 50 organisations have set up expositions on an area of 5.28 km2. The Chinese organisers chose the theme “BETTER CITY – BETTER LIFE” and expect the number of visitors to reach 70 million.

The national exposition entitled “Fruits of Civilisation” shows the Czech Republic as a crossroads of ideas, culture and technology, which the Czechs, with their renowned creativity, are able transform into imaginative solutions that make our cities and life in them better.

The Czech pavilion is located directly on European Square and its facade is a stylised map of the biggest UNESCO protected urban zone in the world – the historic centre of Prague – created from tens thousands of hockey pucks. Inside the pavilion, visitors will see an abstract city created out of 20 cubes symbolising city blocks. The majority of the cubes are suspended above undulating terrain, allowing visitors to move freely and, at the same time, emphasising the symbiosis of city and nature.

Each block conceals an imaginative exhibit as a “fruit of civilisation”. The national exposition ties on to the tradition of interactive exhibits of other Expos, but, at the same time, presents the Czech Republic as a country of the third millennium – through modern art, its interconnection to Hi-Tech technology, and presentation of Czech science. Each month the exposition is livened up by at least one cultural programme, which is either a world or Chinese premiere, and, in the meeting room, over a dozen Czech companies and organisations have already presented their services and products.

The purpose of the participation at EXPO 2010 is to market the Czech Republic at the cultural and economic gathering of nations in the most populous market in the world. According to the extraordinary number of visitors to the exhibition, which already topped six million at the beginning of September, and the reception in the Chinese media, the “Fruits of Civilisation” exposition in Shanghai is fulfilling this assignment successfully.  



From: 8 Sep 2010
To: 2 Oct 2010


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