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10 Dec 2010 - 8 Jan 2011


Starting on December 10, you can enjoy an exhibition of traditional Japanese calligraphy with a modern twist.

This exhibition presents, for the first time in Prague, the work of two Japanese artists, Kohro Yonemoto and Shizue Morioka, who use traditional calligraphy techniques in a contemporary context.

Kohro Yonemoto and Shizue Morioka - both members of Sogen Shodo-kai, the largest Japanese Calligraphy Association – each hold several prestigious awards and now serve as judges in calligraphy competitions. They consider Sho, the Japanese calligraphy, to be not only a traditional but also a modern form of art. They have made part of their lifes mission to introduce Sho to the world.

Shizue Morioka

“I am pleased to share the joy of every fleeting moment that moves my brush and the expression that springs from my whole body and soul.”

Kohro Yonemoto

"Day after day I try to hone my tastes in order to convey my favorite words and poems in my own style. I strive to increase my attention to the world around me and to transfer everyday experiences into my calligraphy.”

The exhibition is held under the auspices of the Embassy of Japan in the Czech Republic. It was prepared in cooperation with the Czech-Japanese Association and Czech Centre Tokyo.




From: 10 Dec 2010
To: 8 Jan 2011


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