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7 Dec 2012 - 1 Feb 2013


In December, Cyprus closes the EU presidency. You can check out contemporary Cypriot art in the Czech Centre Prague from December 7 to February 1.

Taste various forms of contemporary Cypriot art: photography by Andreas Loucaides, paintings and drawings by Simone and Ioanna Philippou and installations by Raissa Angeli that graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2011. All the pieces were inspired by the concept of "Europe". The exhbition is prepared in cooperation with the Department of Public Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreing Affairs and held under the auspices of of H.E. Mr. Phaedon Anastasiou, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus.

Europe is derived from the Greek word “eurus”, meaning wide, broad and “ops”, meaning “eye, face, countenance”, hence Europe, “wide-gazing”, “broad of aspect”.

This meaning may be linked to United Europe’s main objectives and principles, that is offering people the opportunity to see the world in its broad aspect and approach, to contemplate the various issues of life with open mindedness. We are living through an interesting and critical moment in history. This is a moment of transition towards a new epoch, an age of collapsing old principles and values without anything new in view to substitute what has been rejected by life and history. What is the new world to come? How difficult will it be to build it? 

The artist does not want the role of a judge and does not take sides concerning the past and future. The etymology of the word Europe acts as a mathematical equation that ends in a broad view of the world. At the same time this equation determines our own point of view of the world.

So how free are we to determine our personal worldview and to what extent is our “freedom” of choice predetermined by an equation set up by others? 


Raissa Angeli

Raissa Angeli was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1986. On completion of her secondary education in Nicosia in 2004, she studied Czech for one year in Prague. The following year, 2005, she was accepted to the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) and she graduated in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Sculpture. She attended the studio of sculptor Jaroslav Rona as well as the painting studio of Michael Rittstein. On her graduation she was awarded the studio’s 2011 prize for sculpture.

She currently lives and works both in Prague and Nicosia.She works with a variety of materials and genres (sculpture, installations, painting, engraving, etc…). She had one solo exhibition in Nicosia (2009) and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Prague.She is participating in the current exhibition with a landscape – installation entitled EUROPA.The project reflects her concerns about the current world situation and our immediate surroundings, in this case, Europe.

Andreas Loucaides

After completing his studies on European and International relations in Athens, Greece, he moved to Prague to study Photography at the Academy of Performing arts (AMU). Andreas attended the Bachelor Program of the Department of Still Photography, Film and TV school (FAMU) which he has successfully completed.  He is now continuing his studies on Still Photography at the Master’s Program by the Film and TV school (FAMU) correspondently.

His photographic work acrobats on the limits of Documentary Photography, although many times his work escapes the convention of the mere photographic documentation, as he engages his own external visual elements, a fact enriching the context of interpretation. One of his main influences is his home country, Cyprus and the different social and political realities, which are forming the social context of the country. Andreas Loucaide’s photographic work is discussing main issues of the Cypriot reality, like the division between the two communities of the Island as well as the importance of religion. For example in the Series “Home Lighting”, the photographer is installing and photographing artificial light in an abandoned environment, like the one of Turkish-Cypriot houses situated in villages abandoned  due to the conflict between the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities. In the series Icons(Εικόνες), he is discussing the subjectivities aroused by the Greek Orthodox Icons and the practice of the religionists to worship the icons by kissing them, a practice which leads to iconolatry. Andreas Loucaides exhibited his work in two solo exhibitions Prague, and in group exhibitions in Prague, Berlin and Bratislava.

The essence of the participation of Andreas Loucaides in the exhibition “EUROPA” is a depiction of a divided country, which is still searching for its identity in the new environment and circumstances as a member of the European Union.    

Ionanna Philippou

Ioanna Philippou was born in Nicosia in 1984. She graduated with distinction from the University of Delaware, USA, with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and Visual Communication, concentrating in Illustration. Ioanna has a broad and different working experience. Starting her illustration career working in the design department of Lowry Park Zoo in florida and later on working as illustrator and designer in one of the leading newspapers in Cyprus and at the same time freelancing. She has been able to adapt her work in any possible form needed for her clients. Designing and illustrating for various companies and organizations. Illustrating editorials, books, posters, logos along with various wall illustrations are only a few examples of what an illustrator can do with an image. Her work has been awarded in exhibitions and has been featured several times in magazines and newspapers both in Cyprus and abroad. She has already done two solo exhibitions that were both a success. Being able to tell a different side of a story with one single image is what she does every time with new adventures.

Simone Philippou

Simone Philippou was born in 1986. After a healthy creative upbringing in Cyprus she went on to study a Foundation course in Art & Design in the UK. Her studies led her to Kingston Univeristy to undertake a Bachelors Degree in Illustration & Animation.

The passion Simone developed for drawing, narrative and printmaking were a diverse mix waiting to be married into one. After her BA she spent some time in Bristol working on 2D animation at a UWE program in collaboration with Aardman Studio. Later that year she returned to London, to prepare for her postgraduate studies. She mastered the art of illustration and visual arts at UAL Camberwell College of Art while practising traditional Printmaking- with favourite processes being woodcuts and silkscreen printing.Upon graduation with a high distinction from her Masters Degree, Simone received a number of invitations to participate in shows around London and exhibit her work. Since graduating, Simone has moved back to Cyprus and set up an illustration studio with her sister and fellow talented illustrator Ioanna under the company name IN TOTO. Working with her sister they are commissioned to produce various Illustrations to cater to their clients creative needs. Simone continues to develop her personal voice through her printmaking and takes part in exhibitions with most recent entries being the 2012 London Design Festival and ‘Europa’ Exhibition in Prague Czech Center.









From: 7 Dec 2012
To: 1 Feb 2013


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