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5 Feb 2009 - 14 Mar 2009


FOLKLOR PARTY / THE JOURNEY OF FOLKLORE FROM THE OPEN-AIR MUSEUM TO PRAGUE is an exposition. Its main aim it to refer to imperishable role of folklore and its reference in todays visual culture.

Attributes of traditional folk culture were swamped out of the interest of modern man during the 20th century due to increased pressures from globalisation. Especially in big cities, such as e.g. Prague, where today a person dressed with a traditional costume would appear just inappropriate. Mainstream culture does not give folk culture a chance and it seems as if the so-called high culture does only accept folklorism in postmodern disguise.    

The exhibition Folklore Party follows the track of folk art from open-air museums to the city and investigates how far folklore from a today’s point of view is only a relict or if it still possesses the same energy, which can be found in statements of the present subculture or in modern design ceramics and porcelain.

The exhibition’s opening installation of hanging traditional costumes in combination with extravagant ‘streetwear’ refers to the periphery role of folklore. According to the authors of the exhibition there is room enough for interesting confrontation: traditional costumes are today only worn for special occasions, such as the ride of the king, folklore balls and festivals. Consequently, only for relatively few events. At the end of the event the owner takes off his dress and his quotidian identity is formed by his ongoing ready-to-wear clothing. The same is the case with the challenging textiles regarding form and material in brilliant colours, which can be found in the subcultural environment of today’s big cities.

“We do not claim that striking Techno is similar to participants of the festival Folk. We had just an interest in the fact, that both sides put their clothes on for special occasions and besides they are hanging in the closet, because its wearing in everyday life is directly not accepted.” Martina Zuzaňáková, curator

The second part of the exhibitions refers to folklorism in current product design, which presents iconic tea collections of Bohemia Cobalt by Jiří Pelcl and works of designers such as Zita Brožková, Markéta Nováková, Lenka Malíská, Iva Selingerová and Pavel Jarkovský.

Curator: Martina Zuzaňáková, Liv Ducci  Lab
Exhibition concept, graphic design: Liv Ducci Lab 
Organizers: Czech Centre Prague, The Folklore Association of the Czech Republic 







From: 5 Feb 2009
To: 14 Mar 2009


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