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22 Nov 2011 17:00


Second guided tour of the THE ART OF COMICS AND COMICS IN ART exhibition. IN CZECH ONLY.

Overview of contemporary Czech comics and the visual arts influenced by comics. Curated by Radim Kopáč and Eva Janáčová.

The exhibition, which presents ten authors (or collaborative partnerships), received its première in autumn 2009 at the Czech Centre in Warsaw and has since visited a further six locations worldwide (Chorzów, Poznań, Tel Aviv, Budapest, Košice and Sofia); the project will conclude in the Czech Centre in Prague. 

Comics became a publishing phenomenon in the Czech Republic in the years following 2000: they lost their image as low-grade entertainment, becoming a fully-fledged art category and receiving attention from the mass media, experts and the reading public at large. This is especially due to the pioneering work of Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromír 99 (Alois Nebel), Vojtěch Mašek and Džian Baban (Monstrkabaret Freda Brunolda), Lucie Lomová (Anna chce skočit) or Jiří Grus (Voleman). These works employ a  masterful artistic and literary language in their treatment of motifs from modern Czech history, as well as from everyday city life.

THE ART OF COMICS AND COMICS IN ART exhibition follows comics and visual art at those points that they share and where they influence and blend in with one another, while trying to present an expressive breadth. The aim of the exhibition is not to be comprehensive, but to showcase the possibilities of this unique medium.


Radim Kopáč is an editor and art and literary critic. His articles appear in newspapers (Mf Dnes) and specialist publications (Dějiny a současnost). He has written a number of book-length discussions (with, amongst others, B. Grögerová, J. Kovanda, P. Král and B. Nuska). His most recent publications have been Erotic Vrchlický: The Knight Smil and other Erotica Attributed to Jaroslav Vrchlický (with J. Schwarz, 2011), Meteor of Desire: Eroticism in the Works of Zbyněk Havlíček, Jana Krejcarová and Egon Bondy (2011) and Sexual inclinations alright? Erotica in Culture, Culture in Erotica (in a Czech context after 1989) (with J. Schwarz, 2011). Since 2010 he has worked for the Ministry for Culture of the Czech Republic and is the editor of the Živel periodical.

Eva Janáčová graduated in art history and religious studies. Apart from her art history-related activities she works as a curator, writes artistic reviews and gives lectures. Her articles are published in newspapers (Literární noviny) and the specialist press (Religio, Nový Orient etc.). She specialises in the history of Jewish and Israeli artistic culture. She is the recipient of a number of research grants, collaborates on a professional level mainly with the Arts Faculty of Charles University and FAMU in Prague. As a curator, she most recently prepared the Lola Beer Ebner – The First Lady of Israeli Fashion (Olomouc, 2010), Origin, Place, Region: The Conception of Space in the Works of Czech-Israeli Photographers (Prague, 2011), Tomáš Ungár – Israeli Poet and Photographer (Olomouc, 2011). She has prepared a travelling exhibition project Mirroring - A Contemporary Czech Self-Portrait. She has divided her time between Prague and Jerusalem over the last three years.  

THE ART OF COMICS AND COMICS IN ART is part of KomiksFest! festival.

Participating artists: Josef Bolf, Jiří Grus, Karel Jerie, Adolf Lachman, Lucie Lomová, Michal Machat, Vojtěch Mašek / Džian Baban, Petr Nikl,  Jaromír 99 / Jaroslav Rudiš, Martin Velíšek




22 Nov 2011 17:00


Czech Centre

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