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6 Oct 2016 18:00


Czech centre Prague will present works of the leading figures of the Israeli street art Dede and Nitzan Mintz. Thursday, October 6, 2016 from 18.00.

We invite you to a lecture about the Israeli street art and meeting with two prominent artists from Tel Aviv - Dede and Nitzan Mintz - who represent a significant creative duo and in October will operate within the framework of the collective residency at Petrohradská Collective in Prague. The event will be held on October 6, 2016 from 18.00 in the Czech Centre Prague in Rytířská street 31.

Dede is an Israeli artist who has been working in the public sphere since 2006. His works can be viewed at galleries, exhibition spaces, various art events and mostly in the streets of art capitals around the world, such as London, New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Dede conducts his way as an urban tourist, wandering the ever-changing city streets and visually reacting to them. The urban landscape, together with the social and the personal questions it evokes are the main drives behind Dede's work. In his works, Dede examines and questions the man-made urban lifestyle people create for themselves, as he reflects on absurd, paradoxical human existence. His body of works concerns problems and mental phenomena shared by all the individuals of the urban society. He deals with loneliness, with the inability to align in the assembly line or to integrate in the group, and with the constant need to move forward to new territories, to run away to new places, both physical and mental ones.

Inspiration arises anywhere and everywhere, in the architecture, rhythms, sounds, and passersby who create the city's pulse. His inspiration is depending on faith and on state of mind, always unpredictable, impulsive and dynamic. Dede uses various techniques and different tools each time; since the ideas leading him arise from within the experience of the hectic urban life, every question requires a new and fresh approach. His works are always site-specific, both in the theoretical and the practical aspects: they facilitate a solid relationship between the concept that generates them, the specific location where they appear, and the materials and methods used to create them. Therefore, Dede considers the streets to be the ultimate space for creation, the most fitting and true platform for communication of messages, and self-expression.

The city is an integral part of Dede's creative process, as well as of the final work. Dede is motivated by the deep need to leave something after him, by the need to be meaningful and to gain meaning: his art is, for all intents and purposes, a statement of existence.

Official website of the artist can be found here.

Nitzan Mintz is an artist and a street-poet based in Tel Aviv. She graduated from The Department of Fine Art and the Department of Creative Writing at Minshar College, Tel Aviv, and from the Helicon School of Creative Writing, Tel Aviv. Mintz has showcased her works in galleries around the world, such as Wilton's Hall, London; NEUROTITAN Gallery; Berlin and Sweater Gallery, Yekaterinburg (Russia), and in prominent venues and events in Israel, such as Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv; Janco-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod Artist Village; Ilana Gur Museum, Jaffa; and Fresh Paint Art Fair for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.

Mintz's works are created both outdoors in the public sphere and indoors between the studio walls, and they integrate the words of her poems, the material that contains them and their physical, actual location. Her poems combine the personal with the political: they are written out of an internal urge to verbalize mental process which response to the outside world, and her choice of specific locations within the urban landscape in which to place them is what charges them with social and political meanings. 

Official website of the artist can be found here.


They will present their works from Petrohradská in JednaDvaTři Gallery on October 22, 2016. FB event can be found here.

Czech Centre Tel Aviv in collaboration with the Petrohradská Collective and the Embassy of Israel in Prague arranged the residence of three young Israeli artists, who will be in Prague during the September-October in the framework of Petrohradská 1. 2. 3. The purpose of the residency is to present to the Czech audience the Israeli creation and connect artists from both countries.

During the residencies will take place the following events:
24 - 28 Sep 2016: Illustration Festival LUSTR, Cihelná 7 - Geffen Rafaeli will issue Dailydoodlegram
27 Sep 2016: JednaDvaTři Gallery, Petrohradská 13 - final exhibition residences Geffen Rafaeli
6 Oct 2016: Czech Centre Prague - lecture about the Israeli street /Dede and Nitzan Mintz/
  22 Oct 2016: JednaDvaTři Gallery, Petrohradská 13 - final exhibition residences Dede and Nitzan Mintz






6 Oct 2016 18:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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