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15 Apr 2010 - 8 May 2010


Czech Centre Prague hosts an exhibition of Czech painter Josef Hnízdil who spent substantial part of his life in New York.

The title of the “retrospective” exhibition of Josef Hnízdil's work is suggestive of his lifelong pursuit to return to painting at a time when different forms of art are promoted more widely.

"My effort is based on the belief that while the new media and new technologies open up new possibilities and push the horizon of visual expression, it is not possible to replace traditional painting as an intimate, immediate and unique expression of art ..... Painting is my life philosophy."

Josef Hnízdil (1952) was born in Turnov. He immigrated to France in 1974 where he spent a year at the Académie des Beaux-Arts (Academy of Fine Arts) in Paris. In 1974 he left for New York. While in New York he exhibited in several avant-garde galleries in the East Village and in the prestigious Soho Center for Visual Artists. After 16 years Josef Hnízdil returned to the Czech Republic where he became known for his large paintings of skulls. His work is in numerous private collections worldwide.




From: 15 Apr 2010
To: 8 May 2010


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