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2 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017


The Exhibition called GALERIE KAI DIKHAS: AKATHE TE BESHEN | HERE WE STAY | JSME TU, ABYCHOM TU ZŮSTALI will be displayed in the Gallery of Czech Centers from 1 to 30 June 2017.





During the last eight years a new movement of artists has emergedamong the minority of Sinti and Roma throughout Europe. They donot want to live anymore hidden, but they want to expose and live their belonging to the minority and to the contemporary society of their homelands and the European Union at the same time. They want to express their feelings and thoughts through art, they want to share it with a wider audience, they want to take part in our society’s cultural discours.

Art is always a personal expression of own experiences and biographies.In case of being member of the largest minority of Europethis most likely means that you have experienced discrimination andracism. Under these circumstances the case of being Roma means, that it is particularily difficult to differentiate yourself from your ethnicities point of view. From position of a minority, the true face of ourEurope today can be seen clearly.

As artist you do want to be remembered through the art works youcreate and leave with your audience. And if some argue that theongoing success of the art of Sinti and Roma is just a fashion asothers in the art world, the artists with their production proof that it isa story that just is gaining pace. This art is here to stay.

If people and media discuss about Sinti and Roma, they rarely discusswith the Roma themselves. And mostly the issue is treated asa problem from somewhere else. Sinti and Roma are considered tobe the eternal wanderers and often their historical Indian origin is mentioned, but in reality they are part of our society since more than six hundred years. They belong to Europe as any other people. They are here to stay.

The persecution of Sinti and Roma has been as vicious that it hasbeen intended to exterminate the people. And still today discriminationand expulsion are the bleak reality of Roma in Europe today.But the exhibition shows a colorful and rich image of their contributionto our Europe today – and it proofs that the Nazis did not succeed – the Roma are here to stay.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut in Prague in the framework of the RomArchive project.




AKATHE TE BESHEN – HERE TO STAY is a wandering exhibition, which will stay in the memory of its audience. It presents a unique variety of contemporary art positions from European artists who are Roma, Sinti, Gitano or Travellers. The artists become the authors of their own identity and participate in the demonstration of a contemporary image of Roma. They show that there is not one people or a Roma problem, but a multiplicity of chances, of talent, of art andcolors. It lets its audience gain an insight into a society of change, itgives a sensitive and powerful proposition of a democratic and less violent future.




The curator of the exhibition: Moritz Pankok

Participating Artists: Damian & Delaine Le Bas, Nino Nihad Pusija, Alfred Ullrich, Lita Cabellut, Gabi Jiménez, Kálman Várády, George Vasilescu, Ceija Stojka, Manolo Gomez, Imrich Tomas, Daniel Baker (tbc), Tamara Moysez, André Jenö Raatzsch e.a.

Opening of the exhibition: June 1, 2017 form 19.00 with concert - Mário Bihári & Bachtale Apsa

The exhibition is presented by Gallery Kai Dikhas, the first gallery for the contemporary art of Sinti and Roma in Europe, based in Berlin, in collaboration with art institutions throughout the continent. Starting with Czech Republic, the World Roma Festival Khamoro in May 2014, the exhibition will tour and change, grow and adopt on its journey. In each stay of the exhibition new works and documents will be added to a Foro, which is a meeting space in the exhibition. (Foro, derived from the Latin Forum, meaning in Romany city and market). In each stay Romany artist will contribute to the exhibition program with workshops, their art and talks.


The exhibition is held within the accompanying program of Roma the festival KHAMORO, which is the largest and most famous professional Roma festival in the world. The festival, which has been organized by the NGO Slovo 21 in Prague since 1999, regularly organizes unique Roma band concerts consisting of groups from all over the world, as well as putting on exhibitions, film events, dance workshops, specialized seminars and conferences. Nearly 140 000 people from both the Czech Republic and abroad have attended the Khamoro festival in recent years. The foundation of the festival is without a doubt Roma music, which represents an important part of the world's cultural heritage. More about this year's festival you can find on its official website.


Rytířská 31, 110 00 Praha 1, Česká republika


From: 2 Jun 2017
To: 30 Jun 2017


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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