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13 May 2010 - 5 Jun 2010


This extraordinary exhibition is conceived as a permanent workshop. The authors of the project are artist Peter Nickel and his colleague Ondrej Smeykal.

The project Orbis pictus aneb... is designed as an international project of traveling exhibitions and accompanying events. Started in 2006 with the world premiere in Paris, the project is based on the interactive expositions Orbis pictus or The Gate to the World of Creative Human Imagination, The Labyrinth of Light, The LeporeloGame and PLAY, inspired by the work Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart by the Czech humanist J. A. Comenius. The exhibitions are designed according to the art concept of Petr Nikl in collaboration with Czech as well as international artists. The scripts are based on the experience obtained at the interactive exhibitions The Nests of Games (the Rudolfinum Gallery) and The Garden of Imagination and Music (Czech exposition at Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan).

Each exhibition reinforces the development of the visitors' imagination and fantasy by means of interactive instrumental objects. The individual instrumental sets are focused mainly on the phenomenon of play - on the creative understanding of the world and of oneself through one's own senses. The main aim and purpose of the project is to create a communication channel across nationalities, social classes and religious beliefs. The project not only reflects the strength of the creative desire for knowledge but it also proves that the phenomenon of play can function as a universal means of communication, thus materializing and further expanding the timeless ideas of J. A. Comenius.

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From: 13 May 2010
To: 5 Jun 2010


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