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16 Jul 2014 - 8 Aug 2014


This unique exhibition presents three of the five major Czech photographers who were serving as soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army.

The specific names of photographers during the first world war are mostly unknown to the world. Therefore, these newly-discovered files of Czech soldier-photographers are absolutely unique. Thanks to some fortunate circumstances, curator Jaroslav Kucera received hundreds of glass negatives and film. Pavel Hančar, the grandson of Gustav Brooches and Jana Myšička and Rajmanův brought him dozens of small postcard photos.

Information about the photographers:

Gustav Brooch

His name was identified from several photos and detailed notes, which described all photographed events. Brooch fought on the Italian front and then was moved to the east, on the Russian front, where he captured his most outstanding image. Brooch ultimately deserted to Russia in mid-1916. The images in our kitchen:  ambulance Dog Skip, Field smokehouse and many other photos are already treasures of Czech and international photography.

Jan Myšička

Jan Myšička’s incredible set of hundreds of negatives and copies, carefully arranged and described, come to the exhibition from teacher Josef Bohuňovská. J. Myšička served in Eger, Hungary, and also on the Italian front, where he was wounded twice.

Jenda Rajman

Jenda Rajman’s unique collection of preserved photographs depicts his work in a military hospital in Podmelici, Slovenia where he saw the horrors of war first-hand.

Curated by Jaroslav Kučera.

The exhibition is held in the lower gallery of the Czech Centere Prague. 



From: 16 Jul 2014
To: 8 Aug 2014


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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