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10 Jun 2010 - 16 Jul 2010


Czech Centre Prague hosts an exhibition of a Spanish painter Sofía Gandarias.

Franz Kafka's work and life have fascinated artists and writers for decades.  It might seem as though the topic has been exhausted, but there are always new "Kafkaesque" interpretations to be found. One of them is this series of large-format paintings by Spanish artist Sofía Gandarias on display at the gallery of the Czech Center Prague.

Sofía Gandarias was born in the Spanish town of Guernica. Although she did not personally experience the first devastating air attack on a civilian population, this catastrophe has shaped her work. Into her triptychs the artist incorporates collective experiences and trauma: Sarajevo, Guernica and New York's 9/11. Her portraits, however, are unique tributes, very personal monuments, to artists both living and dead: Franz Kafka, Paul Celan, Max Brod, Primo Levi, Oskar Kokoschka, Alma Mahler, Jean Amery, Imre Kertesz, Jorge Semprún and José Saramago.

Gandarias's paintings deal with historical events, however the result is not documentary but, rather, symbolic. Resisting artistic trends, her work builds on the long tradition of Spanish painting. The primary means of her expression is the figure. Her evocatively rendered characters and symbols emerge from dark, indeterminate backgrounds to beseech their viewers.

The exhibition is a part of the accompanying program of the Spanish EU presidency.




From: 10 Jun 2010
To: 16 Jul 2010


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