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11 Jun 2009 - 18 Jul 2009


We conclude the half-year EU Presidency programme with the photographs of Štěpánka Stein & Salim Issa who were recently honoured with the Czech Grand Design award.

The co-operation of the artistic couple Štěpánka Stein a Salim Issa is focussed above all on the subjective document of the portrait by means of fashion and advertisement photographs and photographical works of Czech architects and  designers. The exhibition Portrait is a selection of their four grand photographic collections Space Cowboys (2002), National Theatre (2006), Little Hanoi (2008) a Workers (2009). 

On every exhibited photograph there is put effort on transgressing the borders of the classical concept of portraits. This is done by the overall personal style, which the two co-opúerating authors created and which connects elements of fashion and stylised photographs with the uniqueness of the portraited.  The oldest of the portrait collections Space Cowboys was first presented within the scope of the exhibition of Czech artists in Germany held in Stuttgart in 2002.   

 The supernatural beauty of the space cowboys is here achieved by the unified stylisation, through which the portraited personality here and there acts upon the observer.    

The cycle of portraits for National Theatre was created in the course of the theatre season 2006. The main interest of the photographers was above all directed at the endeavour covering all people, which participate in the process of running the theatre and its space, on which the everyday theatre business takes place. The documentary approach, which was chosen by the two co-operating authors in the building up of the collection, offers the observer a complex view into the inner life of the National Theatre. The single and group portraits are connecting pieces between the preparation, realisation and the result of the theatre’s activities. The cycle of photographies Little Hanoi of 2002 further exceeds the borders of classic fashion design in the benefit of social portraits. The photographs for this collection were taken in the surroundings of the largest Vietnamese market in Prague. The authors were mainly concerned with catching its inimitable Hanoi atmosphere.






From: 11 Jun 2009
To: 18 Jul 2009


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