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18 Oct 2012 - 31 Oct 2012


A festival of contemporary art TINA B. introduces 8 various exhibitions by artists and curators from Poland, Korea, Czech Republic and elsewhere.

The TINA B. Festival is a showcase of great contemporary art by artists from around the world. The seventh edition of the festival will be held from 17 to 31 October 2012 at several venues in Prague.  Each year the festival is centred on a different theme that characterises all the events. In 2012 TINA B. is showcasing world art united around the theme of Art & Happiness and is bringing art to Prague that makes a statement not just on an aesthetic level but also on an emotional one. 

At Czech Centre Prague TINA B. presents sections:

  • The Secret Life of Pupets | curated by Kamila Wielebska
  • The Art of the Few | curated by Jocelyn Fiset
  • GOLEM: A Tale of Mystification & Symbol of Illusion | curated by Monika Burian Jourdan
  • Innovation | curated by Shalom Tomas Neuman
  • GOLEMETAMORPHOSIS as an Artistic Interpretation of Happiness | curated by Doron Polak
  • 우리[WOO:RI]: relationship between you, myself and us | curated by JW Stella
  • De'Longhi Special Project
  • TINA B. On the Road


The Secret Life of Pupets | curated by Kamila Wielebska

The Secret Life of Puppets is a section devoted to the work of young Polish artists. It traces the subtle thread of surrealism that can be found in the films of Konrad Smolénski, in the recycled video footage of Bogna Burska and in the animated films of Marta Pajek – infused with a disturbing atmosphere evoked by the juxtaposition of images and sounds which reveal an unusual form of reality to viewers.

Artists: Konrad Smoleński, Marta Pajek, Bogna Burska

 The Art of the Few | curated by Jocelyn Fiset

For some time Jocelyn Fiset has been collaborating with artists who use unusual materials in their visual art. Together they try to create whole works using a minimum of financial resources and a maximum of imagination.

Artists: Jocelyn Fiset, Peter Holmgaard

 GOLEM: A Tale of Mystification and a Symbol of Illusion | curated by Monika Burian Jourdan

The Golem is about the taming of nature. Nature as spiritual perfection and an invisible force lodged in the symbolism of the Golem. The modern age is trying to control nature just as once man tried to control the Golem. But nature is in revolt and is destroying everything around it; it is out of control and needs to be tamed. Using enlarged landscape photographs and imagination the creatures that live all around us are brought to life, whispering tales of survival.

Artists: Linda Čihařová

 Innovation  | curated by Shalom Tomas Neuman

An exhibition of work by artists who push the boundaries of conventional approaches by using new media as well as fusing various artistic genres in their artwork. Shalom Tomas Neuman is bringing together a diverse group of artists from many countries – China, South Korea, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, the United States, and the Czech Republic. These artists represent a global art community that is ever evolving as it shapes the future of art. These artists work in every discipline – sound, video projection, action, painting, sculpture, found objects and installation.

Artists: Carrie Beehan & Clinton Curtis-Querci, Maria Clark, Nick Pavone, Gilber Erouart

 GOLEMETAMORPHOSIS as an Artistic Interpretation of Happiness | curated by Doron Polak

These Israeli artists are working with renewed objects that have undergone a social and cultural transformation. The changes that occur in historical processes that touch on the world of Jewish tradition often serve as a source of artistic interpretation of transformation. The artistic process of transformation can therefore be viewed from an environmental perspective: as a transformation and as the change in the material that the artists are working with.

Artists: Roni Ben Ari, Galia Gavish, Michael Lazar

 우리 [WOO:RI]: the relationship between you, myself, and us | curated by JW Stella

The Korean section, curated by JW Stella, explores the role of contemporary art in modern society and the era of cultural "gLocality". Through an aesthetic perspective of the physical and spiritual heritage of the Czech Republic and Korea, the artists create a paradigm of the an social expression ‘우리 [WOO:RI]’, meaning ‘we, us and ours’ in Korean, which is a metaphor of authentic inter human relationships between different cultures, individuals, communities in societies and religions. 

Artists: Dorothy M YOON, JEONG Hyojin

 De'Longhi Special Project

De'Longhi & Jan Chlup: Office Space

De'Longhi, representing the Italian De´Longhi trademark and Kenwood the traditional British manufacture of kitchen appliances, has long been a promoter of art and design. It dazzles its customers with functional projects that stand out for their elegant contours and innovative colour combinations. In cooperation with artist Jan Chlup a special project titled Office Space has been prepared for visitors to the TINA B. Festival. As the name of the project indicates, it is inspired by the office environment of a large company, where the main role is played not just by people but by a Kenwood food processor.

Artist: Jan Chlup

 TINA B. On the Road

As TINA B. is transported through the world of fantasy she encounters unusual ideas that she cannot resist, so she simply picks them up and works with them. Unusual places, unlikely conditions, and shocking content. TINA B. on the Road transcends the dividing line between spaces, fields, cultures, opinions, and their concepts.

Artists: In&out board Antonio Pilade, PP Semp, Sandra Miranda Pattin, Frank Lovisolo-Guillard, Adriana Ospina, Mark Waugh, Martin Romeo, Ignacio Peréz, Bodo Korsig.

 On the last day of September, you will have chance to participate in a performance by the Art School. Its members Ignacio Pérez and Katri Heiskala affirm that successful performance art is reachable only by constant effort. Come to Czech Centre Prague and try it for yourself!

October 18, 6 PM the curators will be present at Czech centre and the audience will have unique opportunity to join art performance!




From: 18 Oct 2012
To: 31 Oct 2012


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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