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4 May 2012 - 26 May 2012


An exhibition of original collages by the Romanian artist Ion Bârlădeanu, whose work has been displayed in Paris and London next to Andy Warhol’s and Marcel Duchamp’s.

Last year a documentary about Ion BÂRLĂDEANU was an unprecedented success at the One World Film Festival. It was not only his life story that impressed the viewers, but in particular his novel collages in his serene personal style. The gallery owner Dan Popescu found this artist who was living on the fringes of society and saw to the celebration of his pop-art pieces abroad. 

Throughout his life, Ion Bârlădeanu chose freedom and despised all types of conventional authority. In his collages he built an imaginary world where he was always victorious, where hypocrisy stood defeated to the cheers of the crowd, and where his humanist-ironic drama played out over and over again.” So Dan Popescu characterizes the work of his artist and friend. 

Curator: Dan Popescu

The exhibition was prepared in coordination with Czech Centre Bucharest and the Romanian Cultural Institutes in Bucharest and in Prague. 





From: 4 May 2012
To: 26 May 2012


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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