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Anna Zemánková at Frieze New York

Work of the overlooked Outsider artist Anna Zemánková featured in the popular Frieze festival in New York.

Czech Center New York is delighted to observe an increase of the interest in Czech art and culture. Last weekend the Frieze visitors could see the transcendental botanical garden of Anna Zemánková, a self-taught artist from the heart of the Czech Republic. Her work was presented at the exhibition The Doors of Perception which was a part of the well-known Frieze festival in collaboration with Outsider Art Fair. 

"The Incandescent Botany of Overlooked Czech Artist Anna Zemánková
Combining baroque design with folk tradition, the late artist’s work asks: is pattern not the motor of creation?

In 1958, when Anna Zemánková was 50 years old, one of her children discovered a suitcase of paintings in the basement of her house in Prague and encouraged her to resume her artistic practice for the first time in decades. The 35 works on display at Weiss Berlin range from incandescent botanical drawings to murky geometric tempera paintings and pastel paintings on paper folio, which she would embroider with yarn, plus some folded miniatures produced towards the end of her life in 1986."  - Frieze

To read the review unveiling the mystic nature of Zemánková's work please visit the Frieze's online magazine.

Frieze is the leading platform for modern and contemporary art for scholars, connoisseurs, collectors and the general public alike. Frieze comprises three magazines—frieze magazine, Frieze Masters Magazine and Frieze Week—and three international art fairs—Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze New York. Additionally, Frieze organizes a program of special courses and lectures in London and abroad through Frieze Academy.

Outsider Art Fair
Founded in New York in 1993, the Outsider Art Fair is the original art fair concentrating specifically on self-taught art, and exhibits works by acknowledged masters as well as contemporary figures. Quickly recognized for its maverick spirit, OAF played a vital role in building a passionate collecting community and broader recognition for outsider art in the contemporary art arena.


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