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CREATIVE ART GAMES / ARTISTS - Messengers of Peace

Don’t miss our art workshop prepared by Lucie Haškovcová from the City Gallery Prague and get inspired by the ARTISTS - MESSENGERS OF PEACE exhibition. ENGLISH FRIENDLY!

Exhibit of Eli Fischer's collection Art for Peace revolves around desire for peace and the value of reconciliation.

When the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt was signed in 1979, over 100 artists from both states were asked to approach the moment through art. This challenge resulted into a collection of illustrated or remodelled first-day covers. The collection was bought by Dr. Eli Fischer and his wife Dvora who aim to enahnce the collection and promote its message throughout the world. Dozens of first-day covers were added after the signing of Israel-Jordan peace treaty in 1994 and more pieces came in following years. First-day covers remained the core, but other genres appeared too: paitings, statues, photographies, all of these contemplating on peace.

The covers talk about human sense of belonging, ideas and dreams of peace, repercussions of war and violence as well as the contrast between destruction and settlement, between despair and prosperity. Eli and Dvora Fischer want the collection to travel and use its unique language to transmit the message of reconciliation's value.

Doron Polak, production manager of the exhibit, says: "There is a special importance in collecting works of art that reflect the uncertainties of the peace process and agreements as well as the casualties and suffering, which are so much a part of this region's past. Only an ordered and evenhanded educational program, in which culture and art play a part, can bring about greater understanding and nurture mutual tolerance between peoples."

Israeli, Egyptian and Jordanian artists approached the task in various ways: in their hands, the covers turn into a collage, a paintings, an object or a poem. "Against this formal setting, constant in format and pattern, the artists were invited to confer an emotional and intuitive facet," Batia Donner, curator of the collection, says. "The artwork created did not aim to convince or protest; rather, its predominant trait is an expression of commitment. The artists who responded to the challenge generally produce work with no bearing upon current affairs, and no iconography to be decoded in social or political terms. But the specific nature of the historical event, and the attendant sense of a world in transformation, inspired them to create a quasi-seismographic image as artistic expression in spontaneous response to the events of the hour."

All age groups are welcome. Czech language is not required!


Partner of Creative Art Games is the City Gallery Prague.

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