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Czech science and innovations in the UK

The Czech Centre London is presenting Czech Innovation Expo in the very centre of London – Notting Hill. It is a technological project based on interconnection of design, audiovisual art and state-of-the-art digital technologies introducing Czech scientific discoveries and innovations.

The visitors of CIE use technologies of augmented and virtual reality to discover the stories of Otto Wichterle, creator of contact lenses, Antonín Holý who developed medicine effective against viral diseases and AIDS or current scientists Kateřina Falk and Zuzana Holubcová and many others.

“This project introduced in London in October follows ‘The Czech Republic: The Country for the Future’ strategy and shows the Czech Republic as a creative and technologically developed country with a huge potential to co-operate with British partners,” adds Přemysl Pela, Director of the Czech Centre London.

This exhibition is also showcased in the prestigious Birmingham Library where it is in the spotlight of the general public. Visitors may discover the CIE in Birmingham till the end of February 2020.

The CIE project has been nominated for the Czech Grand Design Main Award and for the past twelve months has been presented around the world – in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Berlin, Madrid and other world capitals.

The project is supported by the Czech Academy of Sciences and the National Technical Museum.



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