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Czechia in the Bauman Park

Interview about Czech Republic Festival with Hana Skládalová, Director of Czech Centre Moscow. The final weekend in August was dedicated to gourmet specialities and Czech music in the Bauman Park in Moscow. On the 24th and 25th of August 2019, an extensive festival of the Czech Republic was held here and brought our culture closer to residents of the Russian metropolis. The festival took place due to support of the Czech Embassy in Moscow, the Czech Centre Moscow and CzechTourism Moscow. It was done under auspices of President Miloš Zeman. The response of the event is also stated by the numbers: 55,000 visitors came within oneweekend. In today's issue, we are bringing an interview with Hana Skládalová, director of the Czech Centre Moscow.

There can’t be doubt about the interest in the Czech theme, tens of thousands of people came to see the event. What do you think that was the main enticement?

The success was due to the rich cultural programme. The talent and the creativity of many Czech artists were brought to visitors. We introduced folk ensemble Rosenka, talented accordionist Vojtěch Szabo, young singer Timmy White, director Jiří Strach, actor Filip Cíl or legendary folk-rock band Fleret which made whole Moscow dance at their concert on Saturday and Sunday.

Czech cuisine was another popular attraction, with a culinary show with food tasting and food court.

Of course, I mustn’t forget about a zone with our traditional Czech beer. Czech glass or original Czech cosmetics also draw a lot of attention.

The programme also included a presentation of the Czech language and its courses. How interested are people to learn Czech in Moscow?

Enormously. During Saturday and Sunday hourly lessons blocks for children were held, from interesting grammar forms and differences between Czech and Russian words to large dictation in Czech. Thanks to the presentation of quality language courses we will most likely significantly expand our Czech language courses.

This year attracted about 20 000 visitors more than last year.  Is it possible to sign up for next year to present products and services? Who can the applicants contact?

We intend to develop the tradition of this festival and we’re going to carry on the cooperation with the embassy in this spirit because it became part of the regular events of the city Moscow. We are currently considering whether the project will be done annually or two years apart. We would like to extend the participation of Czech companies to bring traditional Czech products to Moscow. If you are interested, contact us by email at program.moscow@czech.cz.

What other events can visitors of Czech Centre Moscow look forward to? What interesting events are you planning for the autumn season?

Czech literature festival is being held at the Russian State Library in September. Projects prepared by Czech Centre for the celebration of 100th anniversary of Independence of Czechoslovakia are presented there. Publishing house Meander is initiating exhibition “Manamana” where young graduates of Czech Art Academies are introducing their own illustration of the Old Testament. We are reminding 120th anniversary of the birth of famous Czech author in Children’s literature Ondřej Sekora and the Night of Czech literature is taking place during the festival.  It is coming up the festival of Czech films Czech Inn, which is in progress in Moscow and other Russian cities. We are preparing Czech Republic attendance at 50th Education and Career Fair and we are finalising programme at the Book Fair Nonfiction in cooperation with Ambassador Vítězslav Pivoňka. We are planning Christmas concert within V4 Czech Presidency. I can’t forget an important date 21.11. opening of the gallery of the Czech Centre Moscow at new address by beautiful exhibition Handmade Dreams. Fans of Czech culture are going to be in daily contact with the production of Czech Centre in Moscow.

Thank you for the interview and we wish you a lot of success!



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