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'Made in Prague' in London

TILL 5 MAY 2011 / GREENWICH PICTUREHOUSE, GENESIS CINEMA, STRATFORD PICTUREHOUSE. Made in Prague, a showcase of the best of contemporary Czech films currently on tour in the UK will stop at the Greenwich Picturehouse London in April. Come to see Protektor, WWII drama, introduced by lead actress Jana Plodkova, contemporary road movie Twosome and documentary Katka. There will also be screenings of Katka and Protektor at the Stratford East Picturehouse and a special screening of Katka with director Helena Trestikova at Genesis Cinema Mile End, London.

PROTEKTOR plus special intro
+ Q&A with lead actress JANA PLODKOVA
Wed 20 April at 6.30 pm
Greenwich Picturehouse Cinema, 180 Greenwich High Road, London SE10 8NN
Box office: 0871 902 5732 / www.picturehouses.co.uk

Marek Najbrt, Czech Republic 2009, 100 mins. Czech with English subtitles
In 1938 Prague, reporter Emil and his actress wife Hana are both young and successful. However, the occupation and war deprive Hana, a Jew, of work and any sort of normal life. Emil tries to save her by entering the German propaganda machine, but in order to protect his beloved, he betrays love itself. His ‘protectorship’ becomes the same lie as the ‘protectoral’ role of Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich instituted for the good of the Czech nation. PROTEKTOR offers a gorgeously stylistic evocation of the era as it develops a bitterly sceptical reflection of the dark side of an imaginary Czech character. 

Another London screening:
5 May 2011
, Stratford East Picturehouse, London (Box office: 0871 902 5740 / www.picturehouses.co.uk)

Czech director HELENA TRESTIKOVA introduces
KATKA at the East End Film Festival 2011
Fri 29 April at 6.30 pm
Genesis Cinema,  93-95 Mile End Road, Whitechapel, London, E1 4UJ
Box office: 020 7780 2000 / www.genesiscinema.co.uk

KATKA (15)
Helena Třeštíková, Czech Republic 2010, 90 mins, Czech with English subtitles
Following MARCELA and RENE, Helena Třeštíková brings us yet another remarkable observational documentary. This time the central character is a drug addict named Katka. We meet her in 1996 as a 19 year old in therapy, a young woman dreaming of normality, that one day she will have a boyfriend, live like her peers, and maybe even start a family. But in the coming years her life becomes an inescapable merry-go-round of constant drug use, theft, and ever greater physical and moral devastation. An unexpected pregnancy presents Katka with a final choice.  

Further London screenings:
13 Apr 2011 
– Greenwich Picturehouse, London (Box office: 0871 902 5732 / www.picturehouses.co.uk)

28 Apr 2011 - Stratford East Picturehouse, London (Box office: 0871 902 5740 / www.picturehouses.co.uk)


Part of Made in Prague, The New Czech Cinema UK Tour
22 February – 5 May 2011

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