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Statement on the situation concerning coronavirus in the network of Czech Centres

The headquarters of Czech Centres permanently monitor the situation regarding coronavirus across the entire network of the 25 Czech Centres around the globe. Programme changes are currently being made especially in Seoul and Milan, and also in Tokyo, Rome, Paris and Munich. The Paris Salon du Livre, where extensive Czech participation was expected, has been cancelled. However, the programme accompanying the Czech participation organized by the Czech Centre in Paris remains unchanged.

“We are in constant communication with our directors abroad, representative offices, but also with Czech partners involved in the programmes. In no way do we underestimate the situation, but at the same time we remain calm and prudent,” said Ondřej Černý, General Director of Czech Centres. “The programme accompanying the Czech participation in the cancelled Paris Book Fair organized by the Czech Centre in Paris and the Czech Literary Centre remains unchanged for now,” adds Ondřej Černý. The attractive offer includes for example the opening of a representative Czech bookshop, presentation of the Most beautiful book of the year exhibition, launching of the new translation of Josef Pánek’s book, meetings with authors and translators, graphic workshop by Juraj Horváth, and jazz concert by Hlaskontrabass.

In view of the situation, which varies country from country, the directors of Czech Centres monitor the situation in their country and take measures according to the national or local ordinances. Any changes associated with moving the scheduled dates of the programmes will be communicated via the respective websites.


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