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4 Nov 2015 - 12 Nov 2015

ProArt in Negev

Czech presence at the Adama Dance Festival in Negev has been already a tradition. This year Czech Centre Tel Aviv supported participation of Martin Dvorak from Pro Art, who will have choreography and dance masterclass about the performance Jan and Blatny.


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ProART Company focuses on finding common ways for dance and theater, or singing respectively, trying to create contemporary dance-theater performances which are multilayered, not superficial and at the same time comprehensible for a wider audience. The company´s style can be described as neoclassically-modern-contemporary. The work of ProART Company comprises more than 25 feature projects and evenings composed of shorter choreographies. In addition to the main creation of Martin Dvořák, ProART Company has already worked under 17 foreign choreographers.

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Adama was established in 2000 when Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal moved their activities from the center of Israel (Tel Aviv) to Mitzpe Ramon. The skills acquired here is the recognition of the natural movement of each one of us, dancer or not and the understanding of the strength and the intensity of the body, physical and emotional. Development of the ability to express yourself in a non-verbal manner will open a completely different way of quieting the mind.Therefore, the groups that come here are very diverse, all from arty culture lovers to employers at high-tech are coming to a place that enables complete freedom to deep learning. Three times a year Hangar Adama is opening it's doors completely; organizing festivals that mirrors their continuous activity only in a very big scale.A space is created for free movement and everyone can find his own way to experience it - as a participant or a spectator.

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Martin Dvorak Martin Dvorak


Mitzpe Ramon

From: 4 Nov 2015
To: 12 Nov 2015


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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