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17 Jan 2015 00:00 - 19 Jan 2015 00:00

All My Compatriots at Another Look - Restored 2015 European Film Project

The already 3rd edition of a festival of newly restored European film will once again feature a Czech movie. This time we will introduce the legendary All My Compatriots (1968) by Vojtěch Jasný. Partners: EUNIC, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Jerusalem Cinematheque, Haifa Cinematheque, FIAF, Czech National Film Archive.

In the second half of January 2015, film fans in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa will have the opportunity to watch another representative of the Czech New Wave – the famous All My Compatriots by Vojtěch Jasný, considered the visually most impressive and intellectually deepest Czech movie.

The story begins to take place in a small Moravian village with the end of World War II in May 1945. Locals are experiencing the most beautiful days of their lives. However, it comes February 1948 and with it the communist coup, forced collectivization and political processes. The village is divided into two irreconcilable camps. The peaceful time ends...

It took nearly 10 years to complete the script. The film was entered into the 1969 Cannes Film Festival where Jasný won the award for Best Director. It was banned and the director went into exile rather than recant. The world premiere of the digitally restored version was held at the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary in 2013.

“Another Look - The Restored European Film Project” marks a unique venture whose purpose is to raise awareness of both classic European cinema and the means by which it is preserved. Through the collaboration of the European Union and local European embassies, this project will present films, one from each participating nation, all in restored versions and high quality formats. Each of these films was carefully chosen in order to present different facets of life across Europe, and at the same time to testify to the diversity of cinematic practice in the past century.

All My Compatriots

Czechoslovakia, 1968, 115 min

Directing and screenplay: Vojtěch Jasný 

Cinematography: Jaroslav Kučera 

Music: Svatopluk Havelka, Jan Seidel 

Cast: Radoslav Brzobohatý, Věra Galatíková, Vlastimil Brodský, Eva Blažková, Waldemar Matuška, Marie Málková, Vladimír Menšík, Pavel Pavlovský

Hebrew & English subtitles



Tel Aviv Cinematheque, 2 Sprinzak St., Tel Aviv

17. 1. 2015 8 p.m.



Haifa Cinematheque, 142 President (Ha-Nassi) Av., Haifa

18. 1. 2015 6:30 p.m.


Jerusalem Cinematheque, 11 Hebron Rd., Jerusalem

19. 1. 2015 tbc


Dates and programme may be subject to change.


Can be purchased at each Cinematheque.


The Czech Center is a co-organizer of the event.




Jerusalem Cinematheque, 11 Hebron Rd., Jerusalem

From: 17 Jan 2015 00:00
To: 19 Jan 2015 00:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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