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17 Jun 2019 16:30

Talk with Petr Blažek: Czech Music Scene in 2019

Join us for a talk and discussion with Petr Blažek about the current Czech music scene, elaborating on topics such as music management and touring of Czech bands abroad.


4:30 in the Cinema

During the talk Petr Blažek will introduce the Czech music scene, bringing attention to the popular music genres as well as introducing the minority music genres that are on the rise. The artists from these minority genres are the most frequently exported music from the Czech Republic abroad and hence, Petr Blažek will elaborate on the process and common issues of touring abroad. In this respect, Petr Blažek has rich experience, not only with the Czech band Mydy Rabycad, who has performed in twenty countries on four continents. He is also the founder of the agency 420 Production, which is focused on export of Czech bands. Petr Blažek will introduce the Czech association of music managers and booking agents The Music Managers Forum, which is an organization supporting and advocating for better conditions in the Czech music industry and focuses on the export and representation of the Czech music scene abroad. Petr Blažek is the Chairman of The Music Managers Forum.

Petr Blažek
Petr Blažek has been active on the Czech music scene for over 17 years. Sound engineer, producer, music publisher (Label DaSka Records), founder and owner of the 420 Production. He has collaborated on the Respectfestival and has been working as a manager with top artists in multiple genres from the electronics to world music and beatbox. He has a major share in the success of Czech band Mydy Rabycad, with whom he toured through twenty countries and four continents. The same attention is given to the increasingly popular Czech band Noisy Pots and others such as Klara & The PopAndroid Asteroid and Nèro Scartch. Petr Blažek regularly participates in conferences, congresses and showcase festivals around the world, where he represents the interests of Czech modern and alternative music in a broader context. He held lectures on music management at the University of Economics in Prague and at SIM conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He and his colleagues founded the management association MMF CZ in 2018. 


Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd Street
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17 Jun 2019 16:30


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