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19 Sep 2016 - 25 Sep 2016

Czech Films at Visegrad Film Festival

A great line up of Czech films will be screened in Cork, Ireland, as part of the Visegrad Film Festival showcasing the best cinema from the “heart of Europe”. The programme includes Petr Václav’s drama about anti-gypsy prejudice The Way Out, Helena Třeštíková’s time-lapse documentary Mallory and Martin Dušek’s tragicomic film Into the Clouds We Gaze.


19 Sep, 6.30 pm
The Friary

The More I Know (2015, Org. Čím víc vím, Directed by Marek Náprstek)
& Happy End
Dir, Jan Saska, Animation/ 6 min., Czechia/2015
A black comedy about death with a happy ending. A splendid chain of unlikely encounters. Hunters, a tractor driver, a disco boy, and a corpse.
Part of Visegrad Animation Forum New Talents


21 Sep, 10.10 pm
The Kino


Dir, Jindřich Polák, Fiction/ 88 min., Czechoslovakia/1963
​It is the second half of the XIInd century and a spaceship called Ikarie XB 1 is on its way to Alfa Centauri to search for extraterrestrial forms of life. Its crew, made up primarily of scientists from various fields, being far from our solar system, is exposed to unknown and unimaginable dangers. At the same time, though, it also deals with a number of their everyday worries as well as their delights.
This unique classic Czech sci-fi movie makes uses of masterful special effects and an impressive production design together with modern electronic music and a strong ensemble cast. The film is said to be among the most important sources of inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

& Mythopolis
Dir, Alexandra Hetmerová, Animation/ 11 min., Czechia/2013
A small minotaur, his Mum Medusa, a Cyclops delivery guy, the neighbors the Grey Sisters... Legendary characters from the Greek mythology live their lives and solve their problems in today's world.


22 Sep, 8pm
Camden Palace Hotel

The More I Know (2015, Org. Čím víc vím, Directed by Marek Náprstek)
& Happy End (2016, Directed by Jana Saska)
Part of Visegrad Animation Forum New Talents

22 Sep, 10.10pm
The Kino


org. Padesátka, Dir, Vojtěch Kotek, fiction/ 97 min., Czechia/2015
"What happens in the mountains, stays in the mountains no matter what those down in the valleys may do. Picturesque characters play out their mountain-bound parts. The true spice of the Giant Mountains are the locals, those who live there no matter what season. A one-legged skier, a snow cat operator that doesn’t drink on the Day of the Three Wise Men, a legendary womanizer who is also sterile, a bartender that doubles as a psychic. And Pavka, the oldest living member of the Bulán family, a family with a long tradition of cross-country skiing. He is worried about his son, Jura, who rather than train for the “Fifty” cross-country race chases other “fifties”. He is obsessed with older women, keeping their souls (and bodies) warm. Jura will most probably not finish the race once again, as Jan Hilský, one of the skiers, brings along his mother."

& Tram
org. Tramvaj, Dir, Michaela Pavlátová, Animation/ 8 min., Czechia, France/2012
It is the daily routine for the driver of the streetcar. As every morning, the people embark to go to work, one by one, all the same, silent, grey, indifferent. Nevertheless, soon, abecause the shocks and vibrations of the road, at the rate of tickets introduced into the stamping machine, the driver exhilarates and the vehicle erotizes. The drives of the driver of this streetcar named desire transforms the into a frenzy and phalique surrealist reality. She dashes then a Music Maestro!


23 Sep, 6.30pm
The Sample Studios


org. Mallory, Dir, Helena Třeštíková, Documentary/ 97 min., Czechia/2015
After unique time-lapse documentaries Marcela, René and Katka, Helena Třeštíková is coming with a new film in which she follows her main protagonist Mallory for 13 years. Mallory is determined to return to a normal life after many difficult mishaps.
Life hasn’t been easy on Mallory but after the birth of her son she tries desperately to kick her drug habit, and to stop living on the street. She wants to turn her back on her dark past and help those she knows best – people on the fringes of society. In her latest long-term documentary, Helena Třeštíková demonstrates that even seemingly hopeless lives needn’t be cut short halfway.
& Happy End (2015) , Documentary, 97 minutes, Animation, 6 min.

23 Sep, 10.10 pm

The Kino

Org. Cesta ven, Dir, Petr Václav, Fiction/ 103 min., Czechia, France/2014
The Way Out tells a story of a young Romani couple, Zaneta and David, the parents of little Janicka. Their efforts to live a decent and dignified life run up against the "Romani social trap," which is racism, the society's prejudices, exclusion from opportunities to obtain legal work, the lack of necessary qualifications, difficult communication with officials, debts and the miserable life conditions connected with the environment, lifestyle and traditional values of their ethnicity. David wants to protect his family, even at the expense of committing a crime. But Zaneta finds inner strength to defy the unfavorable situation in a different way. Will they overcome the existential problems that start to take apart their relationship? Is it worthwhile for them to continue to Honor their own values and family traditions? And will their "way out" be only another "escape" for them, or a promise to change their lives?

& The Little Secret
Org. Strach, Dir, Martin Krejčí, fiction/ 21 min., Czechia/2013
This short film is inspired by a true story, which happened in April 2012 in Breclav, Czech Republic. It received wide coverage and was a media sensation. Today’s headlines quickly fade away under the never ending rush of new events. But this story deserves to be told - that we pause and look at it from different angles. In doing so, we understand better the universal themes of how human beings everywhere live their lives.


24 Sep, 10.10

The Kino


org. K oblakům vzhlížíme, Dir, Martin Dušek, documentary/ 66 min., Czechia/2014
The smell of burnt rubber, clouds of smoke, suede upholstery and the roar of the engine are at the centre of Rada's world. All of his days are spent in pretty much the same way: repairing the engine of his beat-up Ford or looking for work in nearby factories. But the nights are for booming tuning festivals. Though he usually loses in the parade, the darkness momentarily disguises the imperfections of his car and the even greater imperfections in his life. Against the backdrop of Northern Bohemia, a region with high unemployment and infamous anti-Roma marches, Martin Dusek's film presents a melancholy picture of an aimless generation of young people.

& Peacock
org. Furiant, Dir, Ondřej Hudeček, Fiction/ 26 min., Czechia/2015
Bohemia, 19th Century. Ladislav, the mischievous son of a landlord, terrorizes the village with cruel jokes. War breaks and Ladislav is forced to hide in a monastery, where he unexpectedly discovers his hidden desires. He returns home and befriends Jan, a sensitive young poet. Together they experience moments of undiluted happiness. However, passionate Ladislav soon becomes jealous and his endeavor to dominate Jan triggers a series of grievous events... A dramatic history of the rise of one of the most influential Czech writers, paved with flesh, bones and blood. A black comedy based on a true story, a queer literary encyclopedia, and a historical picture book in one.


For more information and full programme go to www.visegradfilmfestival.com




Cork, Ireland

From: 19 Sep 2016
To: 25 Sep 2016


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