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8 Dec 2018 19:00 - 16 Dec 2018

Czech Jewelry Designers Meet NYC

The CZECH JEWELRY DESIGNERS MEET NYC exhibition will present the work of three Czech jewelers - Kristýna Malovaná, Eva Růžičková and Klára Šípková.

Opening: December 8th, 7pm
Czech Center New York Gallery 


On view until December 16th, 2018

December 8, 3PM RSVP / December 9, 3PM RSVP / December 15, 3PM RSVP

The designers created collections specifically for the CCNY Gallery. The connecting motto of the exhibition is "Communication". Whether it's a conversation between partners, a personal interaction with the outside world or a contact between the Czech and American cultural scene, communication is a basic human need and desire. In addition, the jewelry is an interesting and prolific means of passing information. It can present the mood and taste of a wearer, often also reflecting social status and cultural knowledge. The expression of jewelry as a universal language was perfectly mastered by former US Foreign Minister Madeleine Albright, the owner of an extensive collection of brooches, which allowed her during her official and unofficial appearances to express her ideas without words. It is no coincidence that in Madam Secretary's collection one can also find a brooch by presented designer, Klára Šípková.

Individual designers approached the given topic with originality of their own. Eva Růžičková focused on personal communication within relationship between partners. She created a series of pairs of partner-objects. Like any unique relationship, individual pairs are linked by different relationships. Some fit together; others reveal friction surfaces or common elements. The linking, but not the only material used, is wood, a material that in many ways penetrates the entire author's work so far.

Klára Šípková focused on the ability of jewelry to communicate emotions, which is also mirrored in the name of the collection “Joy”. The jeweler deals with the questions "What do I want to tell the world through the jewelry?" And "What is important to me personally in life?" She came up with a series of positive values that she tried to communicate through the jewels. Stainless steel is traditionally the dominating material in her work, this time enhanced with conjunction of white color.

The relationship of material, technology and certain national characteristics inspired the recent work of Kristýna Malovaná. The purity and sincerity of communication is mirrored in clean, smooth forms and transparent materials. In the author's words the collection should "Raise questions, emotions, opportunity of discussion, they should react to the present and its reflection." With some form of exaggeration, the artist works with materials we consider to be typically Czech, such as glass and Czech garnets. Their transfer to American soil offers additional themes for conversation, that is, clash and dialogue between Czech and American culture, which should be supported by this exhibition.

In addition to the current collections on the topic of communication, the exhibition will also feature a selection of the authors' work. All three draw on the basis of poetic minimalism and the morphology of modern design. Their jewelry combines pure, sometimes puristic lines, and adds significant value to used materials that they often look up outside of jewelry. Their work is regularly seen at Designblok in Prague, but also at international exhibitions in Vienna, Munich or Milan.

The exhibition was created with the support of the Czech Center New York.
Producer: Zuzana Skulová, Architect: Radim Babák, Graphic Designer: Adam Uchytil, Photography (Portraiture): Johana Střížková, Jewelry Photographers: Patrik Borecký and Tomáš Brabec, Consultant: Jana Mattas Horáčková, Author of the Accompanying Texts: Tereza Vernerová Volná.

Press Release:

Artists' bios:

Kristýna Malovaná graduated from the Prague UMPRUM, a product design studio under the direction of prof. Jan Němeček and prof. Michal Froněk. She has gained experience in several foreign and domestic internships and workshops, for example during a one-year stay in Milan in the Matteo Ragni studio, then in Berlin and France. She has received several awards for her work, such as the Koizumi Lighting International Competition. She is co-founder of the MORPHE studio, which focuses on work in the field of interior and product design as well as design of exhibition stands, installations and art direction.

"I have a very close relationship with jewelry, which is a personal form of expression for me. That's why each of my jewels is made in a limited edition with a typical passion for working with different materials."


Klára Šípková studied jewelry at UMPRUM in Prague under the direction of Eva Eisler, of which three semesters she devoted to industrial design and a semester of graphic design at an internship in Paris. In 2011, she co-founded the UNOSTO Young Jewelry Association, which was established as a platform for the promotion of Czech jewelry and regularly exhibits in the international field. In 2015, she opened her own Showroom in Klimentská Street in the center of Prague, functioning as a collaborative project of seven Czech designers, a jewelry studio and a shop in one.

"I try to look at the jewelry unconventionally, I do not see it as an ornament, but as a wearable piece of art that carries a certain message, opinion, lifestyle. I like how the jewelry completes the personality and taste of the owner - every person adds their own story to the jewelry."


Eva Růžičková is an alumna of the Prague UMPRUM atelier of K.O.V. led by Eva Eisler. During her studies she underwent an internship at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, in Schmuck Studio Daniel Krugr. In 2016, her work was presented at the prestigious TALENTE show in Munich. She also exhibited in Milan, New York, Berlin and London.

"I am fascinated by the craft, the technology and the endless potential of materials. That's why I like to experiment and use materials such as wood, cork, slate, pearl and many others. The emphasis is also on precision craftsmanship and detail. I perceive the jewelry as a personal and intimate testimony, something very close to the body. In my work - birth, growth, balance, fleshiness and emotion are the important principles that I like to include."




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From: 8 Dec 2018 19:00
To: 16 Dec 2018


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