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7 Mar 2005 00:00 - 13 Mar 2005 00:00

East Meets East

The very first International festival of Eastern European Theatre to be held in the east of England. Six venues will host performances from five of Eastern Europe’s most exciting, accessible, colourful, culturally diverse and entertaining companies. The performances encompass puppetry, physical theatre, live music, mime and sheer exuberance.






White Cabin is surreal and darkly comic, filled with countless absurd, inspired, bizarre and often touching 'events'. It draws on Russian icons, silent movies, shadow theatre, and object and avant-garde art creating a dream theatre of chaos, a crazy variety show of fantastic images and endlessly changing stage pictures. It won Russia's Golden Mask Award and is now in demand at festivals all over Europe.


Tue 8 March 8pm, The Junction, Cambridge

Wed 9 March 8pm, Colchester Arts Centre



TOACA (Romania)

Present ORPHEUS World Premiere!

Orpheus looks at the relationship between Orpheus and the gods Apollo and Dionysus and the creation of the many mysteries surrounding it. The performance will show how the ancient myth is still relevant to contemporary issues. It’s a timeless story about love, death and beauty. It’s about the eternal human desire to understand the essence of life and to go beyond its limits.


Tue 8 March 8pm, Colchester Arts Centre

Thur 10 March 7:30pm, Norwich Playhouse

Sat 12 March, The Junction, Cambridge





Inspired by the true story of Andras Tomas, a Hungarian press-ganged into the German army in 1943 and discovered in a Russian mental hospital 53 years later, My Long Journey Home has been performed 300 times in 11 different countries and was one of the smash hits of the 2004 Edinburgh Festival, picking up numerous 5 star reviews and a nomination for Best Ensemble in The Stage Awards.


By turns, hilarious, ridiculous, inspiring, comic and tragic, NIE provide a rollercoaster ride which uses clowning, physical theatre, live music, movement, puppetry and a confusion of languages to create a theatrical experience like no other that has audiences howling with laughter, awe and appreciation.


Tue 8 March 7:30pm, Norwich Playhouse

Wed 9 March 7:45pm, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Thur 10 March 8pm, Colchester Arts Centre

Fri 11 March 8pm, Bowen West Theatre, Bedford





TEATRE NOVOGO FRONTA (Czech Republic/Russia)



It is 1974 and two Russian actors have defected to Argentina. They are performing in a Buenos Aires music hall as they try to come to terms with the fact that they can never return to Leningrad, a military coup is about to erupt in Argentinian streets and the heat causes condensation to drip from the ceiling. Amongst the circus skills, burlesque, cabaret and dance there is slapstick, tears and laughter, sweat, threats and water-guns as the plot is gradually teased out in a series of darkly disturbing and surreal scenes, Are the performers caught in somebody else's nightmare?


Tue 8 March 7:45pm, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Wed 9 March 8pm, Norwich Arts Centre

Thur 10 March 8pm, The Junction, Cambridge

Sat 12 March 8pm, Bowen West Theatre, Bedford



DRAK (Czech Republic)



A riveting experience for children and adults alike.

It begins as a conventional piece of mime about three children in search of a balloon but soon the Flying Babies intervene to undertake a challenging journey to the land of lost balloons. Stunning visual effects are created by the use of movement, sound and lighting which assist a blend of mime, simple clowning and a beautiful visual sensibility.


Like so much of DRAK’s work it operates on many different levels; appealing to child’s delight in simple physical comedy while at the same appealing to a universal human fantasy of flight and freedom.


Tue 8 March 7pm, Bowen West Theatre, Bedford

Thur 10 March 6pm, Norwich Arts Centre

Fri 11 March 7pm, The Junction, Cambridge

Sat 12 march 11am, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Sun 13 March 2pm, Colchester Arts Centre



More information about the festival and venues on www.artkam.co.uk





30 Kensington Palace Gardens
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From: 7 Mar 2005 00:00
To: 13 Mar 2005 00:00



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