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17 Sep 2016 - 25 Sep 2016

Experimental Textiles and Materials

Experimental Materials and Textiles is an exhibition by the Studio of Textiles and design at UMPRUM, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The exhibition focuses on textiles made from unexpected everyday materials that surrounds us and their natural properties.

The main concept behind UMPRUM students project and presentation is making use of what surrounds us. We determine the properties of the materials that compose the world around us: their hardness, flexibility, malleability, fragility or permanence. We ask ourselves the question: do we acquire them or conquer them? Since ancient times we have left behind us cleared forests and excavated quarries. We overcome obstacles, invent tools. We ourselves work, but as time progresses there are more and more of us in complex systems. We are starting to understand that nature is not a foe we must conquer. We need it. And since we need what it offers, we must find a balance between self-assertion and belong to the whole and to establish as the unit of survival not the individual, group or species, but the system as a whole.

Participating/Exhibiting UMPRUM students of Studio of Textile Design:
Eliška Hlavačková / Pumpkin, Faults of wood
Haderková / Hydrangia, Pip
Mirka Vokounová / Ostracod'
Alžběta Hnízdilová / Sap
Ondřej Trnka / Burnt-out Fibre
Pavla Nosková / Peat
Lucie Miklóšová / Shells
Amálie Koppová / Active Carbon
Alžběta Prouzová / Bark
Zuzana Ševčíková / Polyporus
Alžbeta Kováčiková / Cyanotype
Kristína Dúhová / Salt

Opening hours:
Saturday 17 - Wednesday 23rd open 10 - 6 pm
Thursday 22 late night opening 10 - 8 pm
Friday 23rd open 10 - 7 pm
Sat 24 open 10 – 6 pm
Sun 25 open 11 – 5 pm


Curator of the presentation:
Jitka Škopová

Head of the Studio of Textile Design

The Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague (UMPRUM)
The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague was established in 1885. It became a prestigious educational platform in the fields of design, architecture, fine art, photography and film animation, nurturing internationally recognised creative personalities, among the most important of which are the glass artists Stanislav Libenský and František Vízner, the designer Ladislav Sutnar and the artist and puppeteer Jiří Trnka. Today, there are six faculties in the academy, divided up into individual studios led by Rony Plesl, Maxim Velčovský, Olgoj Chorchoj, Federico Díaz, Jiří Pelcl, Liběna Rochová, Eva Eisler and others. The Academy is intensively developing collaborations with Czech manufacturers such as the carmaker Škoda Auto, the footwear manufacturers Botas and Baťa and glassworks such as Bomma, Ajeto, Preciosa and Moser.

Eliška Hlavačková / Glass

Ondřej Trnka / Burnt-out Fibre

Eliška Hlavačková / Pumpkin, Faults of wood

Alžběta Prouzová / Bark

The Brompton Design District
is a partnership between leading international brands, much loved independent retailers, neighbourhood restaurants and cultural institutions. Initiated by South Kensington Estates, a company with a history woven into the fabric of the district for over 200 years, these businesses joined forces in 2006 with a view to revitalise the heritage of the area. The aim is to create a place where people come together to share, enjoy and learn about design in its broadest sense; design, culture, fashion and food. 

During the London Design Festival, Brompton hosts a programme of temporary design exhibitions in vacant spaces curated by Jane Withers. 2016 is the 10th anniversary of this programme and the theme for this year is transformation. Brompton celebrates with a special installation and event called the Brompton Cocktail at the garage, 1 North Terrace with Arabeschi di Latte and Brompton's alumni of designers. www.bromptondesigndistrict.com



Photos: Peter Fabo




Brompton Design Destrict, Cromwell Place, 3 Cromwell Place, SW7 2JE


From: 17 Sep 2016
To: 25 Sep 2016



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