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26 Feb 2019 - 30 Mar 2019

Eyelids Mirrored Within

The exhibition features recent works by Czech and Hungarian artists looking at dreams as a place for resistance and independence. It is a revolt against late-capitalist society, and a desire for a different world where sleep and rest are highly valued.

"A revolutionary dreams like everybody else; it happens sometimes that he gets occupied with just himself."

Consider the power of processes taking place behind closed eyelids. They could bear potential for new structures, create space for resistance or even collective acts of rebellion. In our sleep-deprived society sleeping almost counts as a revolutionary act. Sleep is a radical interruption in our continuous production and consumption, and something that suspends our constant online presence. However, closing the eyelids means more than a simple withdrawal from the zone of reality, or an intentional or unintentional blindness: it can give ground to new demands and forces. Instead of an unconscious, inactive or useless state, in the realm of dreams we can actually be in control, and have the freedom to make decisions and take action. The exhibition seeks to explore the power of this other reality and the potential of the layers beneath the surface of wakefulness as a different locality and temporality.

Roman Štětina’s sound installation explores the boundaries of instinctive and consciously controlled sound, and the delicate and intimate differences between breath and voice.

A Dream on Lucids by the artist duo Randomroutines looks at the possibility to extend our control into dreams. During the course of lucid dreaming the sleeper is not only aware of the fact that he or she is asleep, but also capable of making conscious decisions in specific situations within the dream.

Zbyněk Baladrán and Barbora Kleinhamplová’s vertiginous video The Labour of the Eyerevolves around a confused corporate company worker who is incapable of breaking free from the clutches of work hours, occupational positions and office walls.

Barbora Kleinhamplová and Tereza Stejskalová’s video titled the Sleepers' Manifesto is a protest against the attack of late-capitalist society on our sleep; the attack that infringes on our free time and demands a constant engagement and presence. The protesters dream of a world where sleeping is not a despised, suspicious, subversive act, but instead considered more valuable than being awake. 


Private view: Tuesday 26 February 2019, 7 - 9pm
Exhibition continues until 30 March 2019
Tenderpixel, 8 Cecil Ct, London WC2N 4HE


Artists: Roman Štětina, Zbyněk Baladrán, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Krisztián Kristóf, Randomroutines (Tamás Kaszás, Krisztián Kristóf) and Tereza Stejskalová 

Curator: Borbála Szalai


For more information please visit the gallery's website:

Cover image: Still from the video Sleepers’ Manifesto, 2014 (11’) by Barbora Kleinhamplová and Tereza Stejskalová. (Photograph of Ukrainian protesters by Filip Singer, European Pressphoto agency)





Tenderpixel, 8 Cecil Ct, London WC2N 4HE


From: 26 Feb 2019
To: 30 Mar 2019


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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