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19 Sep 2006 00:00 - 00:00

Film Club: Private Century

September 19, Czech Center New York, Private Century (Soukrome stoleti).


September 19, 2006
7 pm
Czech Center New York

Private Century (Soukrome stoleti)
Director: Jan Sikl, 2005, 104 min.

Director Sikl has created a series of eight films that draw primarily from the Archive of Private Film History, which he founded in 1992 using private and family film materials he had collected. Sikl edits documentary footage from the archive to create insightful private stories about 20th century figures. The first volume, "Taticek and Lili Marlen," takes place during WWII in the borderland, and illuminates the life of a German farmer (Taticek) and his daughter (Lili Marlen). Filmed by Lili's Czech husband, the film uncovers the difficult relationship between Czechs and Germans in striking private shots. The second screened volume "Sculpture of Granddad Vinda" is based on the diary of the granddaughter of eccentric sculptor Vincenc Havel and on the film footage Havel filmed during the 1950s and '60s documenting his private and artistic life while he was waiting for critical appreciation, which never came.

Preceeded by "Test", a short film by Vaclav Svankmajer from the omnibus film "4 Things - Four Directors' Films".


Film Club is organized in cooperation with Irena Kovarova.


Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd Street
NY 10021 New York
United States


19 Sep 2006 00:00 - 00:00


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