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10 Nov 2016 18:30

Role of Franta Bělský and Irena Sedlecka in the Revitalisation of British Portrait Sculpture

The art of both Franta Bělský and Irena Sedlecka was forged in Prague and neither lost their faith in their shared Czech heritage. Bělský fought in the British Army during the Second World War and took up again his artistic training in Prague under Španiel, 1945-48, before fleeing back to Britain after the Communist takeover, while Irena Sedlecka was trained in Prague under Pokorný from 1945. She rapidly became the darling of the new Communist regime, with major public commissions, but her growing disillusionment, expressed through God is Dead (1965), led her to flee from Czechoslovakia to Britain in autumn 1966. Both sculptors became deeply involved with the Society of Portrait Sculptors (1984-96) and played key roles in its revitalisation after a period of virtual hibernation.

 Talk by Dr Peter Cannon-Brookes

Organised by The Friends of Czech Herritage with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic.

Tickets £15 each including a glass of wine.

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Slovak Embassy, 25 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QY


10 Nov 2016 18:30


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