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24 Jul 2013 18:30

History of Military Contacts and Ties Between the Czechs and Koreans from 1871 to today

Lecture given by Czech Ambassador Jaroslav Olša, jr. on rarely known history of military interactions between the Czechs and Koreans which started as early as in 1871, when at least two Czechs were on board of US ships attacking Ganghwa Island. Another more important moments were deliveries of arms to Korean independence fighters by soldiers of Czechoslovak Legion in 1918-20. Significant part of a talk will be devoted to Czechoslovak membership in Neutral Nations Supervisory Commision and Neutral Nations Repatriation Commision which started in 1953, and there will be presented also some information on Czechoslovak-North Korean cooperation during the times of Communist rule in Czechoslovakia.


Seogyo-dong 395-19, Mapo-gu
03176 Seoul
South Korea


24 Jul 2013 18:30


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