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9 Aug 2015 - 11 Aug 2015

Georges Méliès' Last Trick




Tribute to the world of magic, film and imagination

He was destined to inherit his father’s shoe store, but in childhood he likes to draw instead. In London he sees a magic show and is so fascinated that he becomes a magician. He buys his own theatre which is always sold out, because he lets women disappear and turn them into butterflies … Then he attends the first screening of the Lumière brothers. He will become a brilliant filmmaker who creates the first film studio in the world.” Georges Méliès (1861-1938), a French film director and a major pioneer of cinematography.

The plot is inspired by the remarkable life and work of the cinematic pioneer Georges Méliès. It takes us to the enticing setting of magicians, tricks and magic. The magic tricks that Méliès was the first to use in a film medium – in an unbelievably imaginative manner, we might add – still have their artistic poetry today. And, above all, there are many who have followed in his footsteps. Even death comes up short in his world full of boundless imagination, since celluloid, illusion and fantasy are weapons that seem to be able to defeat even the Grim Reaper himself… Or can they? We will find out when the story of the fascinating life of the greatest film magician of all time ends.






The Drak Theatre, one of the leading Czech puppet theatres, was established in 1958 in Hradec Králové, a capital city of the Eastern Bohemia. It has been awarded by numerous recognitions and toured extensively around the world - Europe, US, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Australia, Russia and Canada. The theatre places at the heart of its creativity a conception of universal language, finding its expression through images, intertwined with rich soundscapes and dynamic physical play. In 2010 the theatre also established a Museum-Labyrinth with an interactive playground for children.


“An ingenious combination of a puppet Punch and Judy show and film-like slapstick, all purely through theatrical, seemingly simple means. It is a tribute to a film genius, but also to playfulness, fantasy and artistic tenacity. Definitely an experience!” (Nina Malíková, Divadelní noviny, Theatre News)


Award of the Skupa’s Pilsen Festival – 2014 (direction and set design)


Georges Méliès' Last Trick

Author(s): Jiří Havelka, Marek Zákostelecký

Director(s) / Choreographer(s): Jiří Havelka

Premiere: 5. 10. 2013 – Hradec Králové, Divadlo Drak

Length: 60 minutes

Languages: nonverbal

Age: for the whole family, age 6 and up


Dates and venues:

Mon 10. August / 19:00 / Beit Shmuel Hotel, 6 Eliyahu Shema St., Jerusalem

Tue 11. August / 16:30, 19:00 / Beit Shmuel Hotel, 6 Eliyahu Shema St., Jerusalem


Beit Shmuel Hotel, 6 Eliyahu Shema St., Jerusalem

From: 9 Aug 2015
To: 11 Aug 2015


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