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6 Aug 2015 - 10 Aug 2015

International Youth Film Festival in Seoul

Young director Jan-Karel Pavlik will present his film Stuffed Soul at the 17th Seoul International Youth Film Festival. The festival is also screening Czech short animated series of The Mole/ Krtek.


Stuffed Soul

2014/ 11 min

10/08/2015 12:40

You can watch the film on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/95437211

A surreal short film about the desire for deliverance and about searching for fragments of a soul that divided itself into different forms and shapes.
Jan-Karel PAVLIK Jan-Karel Pavlik was born in Prague in 2000. He has been making films since 2006, at first they were stop motion animations made with toys, In 2012 he received his first camcorder and immediately started making live-action shorts, his films won many awards at various festivals around the world. He is currently working on his first feature length film.

The Little Mole 1

2015-08-06 10:00             ARTHOUSE MOMO CINEMA 1

2015-08-09 13:00             CGV B1 (Moving on) free

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The Little Mole 2

2015-08-08 10:00             ARTHOUSE MOMO CINEMA 1

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From: 6 Aug 2015
To: 10 Aug 2015


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