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14 Sep 2017 19:00

Jiří Bartovanec & Duncan Centre Conservatory

An open-house night filled with cinema, artwork, and theatre by Jiří Bartonovec and students of the Duncan Centre Conservatory. 


EXHIBITION OPENING: Light in Movement7PM in the Gallery 

FILM: Elementhis — Metamorphosis and Razzle Dazzle — Work In Progress, 7PM in the Cinema. (Limited capacity, first come-first served.)

PERFORMANCE: Rite of Spring and Razzle Dazzle8PM in the Ballroom  RSVP 


Exhibition of photographs Light in Movement by Michal HóR Horáček. A video called Elementhis-Metamorphosis will be screened as a part of the exhibition (see Cinema). A short documentary film loop by Adéla Horelicová depicting the process of creation of the Razzle Dazzle dance performance will be screened in the space by the elevator.








Photos: HōR



Elementhis – Metamorphosis 

Dance photo – a video installation, which reflects elementary transformation of a living being going through all natural elements. Liquids, gas substances, temperature and the environment we move in equip the body with new abilities of multiple reincarnation. Metamorphosis is a loose sequel to the Elementhis! Project, which came into being in 2013 in Barcelona. 

Live dance photos – a video installation hand in hand with choreography directly provokes the notion of metamorphoses of bodies and souls, which can be very close to reality. 

Direction, Choreography: Dana Pala; Concept, Direction, Light design & Light concept: Michal HóR Horáček; Director of photography, Editing: Tomáš Krejča; Dance: Daša Horváthová, Dana Pala; Music: Jiří Lukeš; Costumes: Nguyen Ha Thanh Špetlíková

Razzle Dazzle - Work In Progress 

Through different means of expression, the film seeks out to find answers to the questions asked in the above mentioned dance performance and shifts them via its own language. 

The choice of film as a medium is intentional because it is currently the most mass exploited medium for the purposes of manipulation and propaganda. Presumed authenticity and direct context are very often misused and taken out of place. 

Concept, Direction, Set design, Light design & Light concept: Michal HóR Horáček; Choreography, Dance: Jiří Bartovanec; Production Manager: Dita Pytlíková Dvořáková; Music: Jiří Lukeš 


Rite of Spring 

Images from pagan Russia inspired by an ancient ritual of worshipping the arrival of spring. 

 “Sage elders sitting in a circle watch a pre-mortal dance of a young girl, whom they will later sacrifice to the god of spring in order to win his mercy. “

Are we able to sacrifice ourselves in these superficial times? For whom or for what? What are the forms of sacrifice of the young generation? Maybe also non-sacrifice for nothing and nobody? The unfathomable can perhaps manifest as a certain fact of unacceptability of Pagan gods and rituals in an atheistic environment. What are our values that will help us decipher and asses the power of rituals and the way they keep the cycle of life going? 

Choreographer and dancer Jiří Bartovanec together with thirteen students of the third year of the Duncan Centre dance conservatory were looking for certain principles of their lives. They have worked with joy, fear and devotion to one another and even to everything and everybody. Their own presence became an important element as if The Rite of Spring were the ritual of their own egos and times they live in. 

Music: Igor Stravinskij; Choreography: Jiří Bartovanec; Choreographer´s assistant: Dora Sulženko Hoštová; Dance: Sára Betušová, Kristýna Hebelková, Barbora Křížová, Jaroslav Lambor, Lucie Matoušková, Daniel Matušů, Patrik Miker, Jan Razima, Eva Rezová, Barbora Vaňková, Lenka Vořechovská, Tereza Weinlichová; Light design & light concept: Michal  HoR Horáček; Set design: Michal HoR Horáček, Jindřich Havlík; Costumes: Eva Judová













Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický


Razzle Dazzle 

Razzle Dazzle deals with identity of an individual, operational mechanisms of groups and their interests and the ethical side of these processes. Trivialization of values, glorification of triviality. Razzle Dazzle shows the value of publicly disseminated information and possible forms of its distortion all the way to an intentional lie. It also touches upon the topic of creating different identities, both consciously and unconsciously. 

A subject-matter with perspectives, which differ according to personal preferences, due to chance and also the momentary mood of those perceiving it. One thing, situation, act or gesture seen from different perspectives and in different context can convey a completely different meaning. 

It explores the rules of behavior, tolerance of evil and acceptance of guilt – personal and collective. Through up-to-date means we want to show the current multilayeredness of reality. The trouble of identifying the sources of information and their validity. Who says what to us and for what reason. 

The topic and the scenographic design are the work of Michal HóR Horáček. He is the author and co-author of a wide range of theatre and multi-media projects. He is a member of a number of creative teams and he also cooperates with a wide range of such teams across all art forms. Spielraum kollektiv, OEM arts, Topos, Teatr nowogo fronta (Czech Republic), Treatr Clipa (Izrael) among others.

The choreography was designed by the choreographer and dancer Jiří Bartovanec, who co-operated on many dance performances (cooperation with William Forsyth (Human Rights), Sasha Waltz – Jiří Bartovanec is a permanent member of her dance company since 2007. His choreography Globe was nominated for the Czech Dance Platform award. This year he was awarded a “Special mention” by an international jury of the Czech Dance Platform festival for his choreography of The Rite of Spring with students of the Duncan Centre dance conservatory. Currently he works with Sasha Waltz and Robert Wilson). 

Concept, Direction, Set design, Light design & light concept:Michal HóR Horáček Choreography, Dance: Jiří Bartovanec; Production manager: Dita Pytlíková Dvořáková; Music: Jiří Lukeš 







Photos: Michal Hancovský


Duncan Centre Conservatory was founded in 1992, based on a conception created by Eva Blažíčková who also became head of theconservatory and remained in the position until 2009. Currently, this is the only state school in the Czech Republic systematically orientated towards education in the sphere of contemporary dance.

The Duncan Centre Conservatory offers a six-year study programme and their graduates, according to their specialization, can work as affective dance artists, choreographers, dance lecturers and art-therapists. The aim of the Conservatory is to produce universal artists. The content of the education therefore enables students to continue, after their leaving exams, in studies of art, human sciences or pedagogy at university.The curriculum is fairly balanced with respect to practical and theoretical subjects ratio. One of the crucial competences students acquire is the ability to create on their own. Duncan Centre conservatory also prioritizes pedagogical subjects. The basic curriculum is regularly supplemented by dance technique workshops given by foreign artist as well as theoretical seminars and lectures given by experts from the Czech Republic and abroad. In the fifth grade, students acquire basic knowledge in the field of light design and theatre operation and production. Within the sixth grade, all students participate in a six months internship at a university abroad as a part of Erasmus programme. Besides being a school, Duncan Centre also is a cultural centre with a wide offer of events for public throughout the year.

Please arrive at least five minutes prior to showtime. 
Empty seats will be released to standby patrons after that time.



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14 Sep 2017 19:00


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