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19 Jun 2014

Miloš Urban´s Novel The Seven Churches in Korean

Miloš Urban, one of the most prominent contemporary Czech writers, is coming to Seoul for the launch of the Korean translation of his novel Seven Churches (1998). A detective story narrated on the fascinating backdrop of Prague architecture will charm Korean readers not only thanks to its attractive setting but also thanks to the excellent quality of its translation. The novel is published by The Open Books and its launch will be accompanied by Urban´s participation at the Seoul International Book Fair, book signing, meeting with readers, public readings etc.

Miloš Urban made his mark in Czech literature with his second novel Sedmikostelí (The Seven Churches) in 1999, which reached the status of a cult book and is now a bestseller in Spain. Instantly he became a phenomenon and up till now he is very popular amongst younger readers and students. He publishes almost every year a new great novel on a variety of themes, which underlines his wide scope of interest. No wonder Urban found himself in a short period of time to be on the forefront of Czech literature. With his work being translated to several languages makes him, together with his colleague Jáchym Topol, to be the modern face of Czech literature in the world. In his work he combines suspense with literary quality.

Urban´s role in the domestic literary scene is important; because one could without hesitation state he has been the herald of a kind of a new wave in Czech literature, which is taking place now. As a young writer, whose work is exceptionally mature, he has inspired many young people. Many of them are nowadays making their debut, in that way embodying the revival of Czech literature.

Miloš Urban studied English and Scandinavian languages. He translated several novel from English to Czech. Currently he works as an editor at the Prague publisher Argo.


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19 Jun 2014


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